Otterday! And Open Thread.

Kissing baby otters.


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Oh, those are the cutest yet!

  2. They are cute, but my heart belongs to last week’s otter, the little guy standing up with his paw in the ice bucket. Cuuuuuuute! Essay, essay, essay (and trying *not* to think about my cousin who’s been in an abusive relationship and we’ve been trying to talk to him to convince him to get out…he’s shut out most of the family, but last night she dumped him because he couldn’t find her L’s book (!!) and he called his brother and his brother went over, got all his stuff and took him home…I just really want him to realise that his family are here for him and that he never needs to go back) today. I need to get it DONE!

  3. I just made myself some tasty bacon and eggs for breakfast– NOM.
    And I’m letting myself have the day off today. It’s been a stressful week, even though I haven’t actually done much work uni-wise, so today I’m just going to relax.

  4. Oh, Beppie, would you like to swap days? I have had one piece of toast with a thin smear of healthy non-butter, and have to write up seven and a half Honours thesis reports before 1 pm.
    Pavlov’s Cat’s last blog post..Hard to believe now

  5. Beppie: sounds highly sensible. I’ve been trying to establish more balance like this as there are times when it feels like you’ve not done enough uni stuff, but you still need to create some headspace as a priority, and allow yourself to do it without wrecking it with Aaargh-UniWork-Guilt. Enjoy.
    P.C…my sympathies. If it helps any I will be spending the vast majority of today grouchily pushing through work and torturous formation of paragraphs on writings I feel I don’t fully understand.

  6. “healthy non-butter”
    No such thing!

  7. Managed to get out of work early and go for lunch today.

    And yay, The Incredibles is on!

  8. Cheers, everyone! I just got back from partaking in the rampant consumerism that is Black Friday. I got completely suckered by a woman at a kiosk selling hand goop. I wish it was the custom to barter everywhere in America so that I would maybe be better at it.

  9. I am insanely grateful that my crew of hairy miscreants was well behaved while my parents & uncle were here for Thanksgiving. No one tried to run off with the turkey carcass, no one sat on a plate that didn’t belong to them… for once they all behaved as if maybe I do insist on some kind of good behavior!

  10. Just checking if it’s ok to sit on a plate that *does* belong to you? 🙂

  11. Geektastic – here I am with WiFi on my handy-dandy new netbook at WordCamp, listening to Matt Mullenweg discuss future directions for WordPress. I’m enjoying this.

  12. I guess this week I just want to say how much respect I have for bloggers that have been writing about critical issues for years. After hitting the 7 month mark I am already feeling the frustration with some of the idiocy that lands on my blog.
    Between the MRA trolls and the WPD (white privilege deniers) it turns into a muck sometimes. It seems no matter how many times I try to explain that it is critical to speak about whiteness because we cannot have a full understanding of racism without it I am continually called a racist. I find it maddening…
    Things that just seem like duh obvious to me are such an issue for others. I understand that privilege is something that is not easy to deal with but how can one claim to have a progressive agenda without dealing with your own personal privilege? Anyway this is turning into a rant so I am out.
    Renee’s last blog post..Why Whiteness

  13. We went Christmas shopping with the kids, I did have a list but I’m not at all sure that what we’ve bought matches up with what I’d planned. Only 2 of the 3 kids chucked a wobbly and I’m pretty sure that at some point presents for me were purchased so I’m calling the day a success.
    Now I’m about to have a cup of tea before heading off to drive for an hour across Sydney to got to a Christmas party that we will only be staying at for 2.5 hours. Why am I doing this? Beats me.
    FP, I hope things improve for your cousin.

  14. Thanks Mimbles…he seems to be out but I don’t know, his thinking appears to be all over the place to me. Having been in abusive relationships, I get this on some level…I’m just anxious, hoping that it evens out, that he realises his family are there for him, doesn’t go back and starts to really look at his life, and what he wants from it, rather than being caught up in that endless loop of just reacting to external pressures/dramas created by others.
    Wow. That’s a big day. I admire your bravery in shopping with children!!
    Oh. Poor Renee! People are exhausting aren’t they? I don’t quite comprehend it, and sometimes it makes me feel like maybe they’re right, maybe I *am* just ‘taking everything too seriously’ or whatever. Ugh. Hope you get some headspace from it/some positive feedback to counteract the negative. 😦

  15. Sydney gets an astronomical smiley face on Monday night. If the sky is clear, I think I’ll get my camera out.

  16. I saw a Little Tern today. Very exciting. It was diving into water that looked so shallow my heart was in my mouth. Where they nest is adjacent to an area where 4wds are allowed. Grrr. Why this passion for hooning over sand, destroying all the benthic fauna and any nesting birds (the rainbow bee eaters also nest in the same area)? I will never understand. The wreck that was uncovered in storms last year is gradually being re-interred. On the way home there were brown quails by the roadside.

  17. I had a disastrous meeting with my thesis advisor last week. ARG! I feel we’re not communicating well at all, and I don’t know what to do about it. *pulls on hair*
    But I’m officially not thinking about it today – just handed in a 20-pager on prostitution and its effects on immigration to Argentina in 1901 and I’m ready for a brain break. Does anyone have a favourite stupid flash game they can send my way?

  18. I need to submit my grad school app today, having admitted to myself that the reason I haven’t is because I’m scared shitless that I’ll be rejected.
    In better news, the leaf pickup has finally happened on this end of town, two weeks LATE and after two instances of snowfall. Now we can finally park on the street.

  19. Why is everybody in Sydney so BUSY all the time?

  20. The tree outside our bedroom window came out in a riot of tiny orange-red flowers last week. This week the rainbow lorikeets have arrived and are feasting away. They’re fun to watch, if a little loud at 5.30 am. Looks like I’ll be rising early ’til the tree is bare of blossom.
    “I need to submit my grad school app today, having admitted to myself that the reason I haven’t is because I’m scared shitless that I’ll be rejected.”
    Same, Bene 🙂

  21. I missed last week’s otterday because we’ve only just moved back to Sydney and didn’t have internet access set up yet, so I hope you’ll forgive my returning to an issue from the previous thread for long enough to say: Fleur – WTF?
    The woman is such a powerful witch she was her school’s Triwizard champion and all she does is cook and patch up scrapes? It would have been so simple for Bill and Harry to have their serious conversation while Harry helped Bill cook dinner, instead of having Bill come and get Harry as he is helping Fleur cook dinner. Children learn their behaviour from what they see modelled, both in their own lives and in the stories they’re told. Rowling had the chance to influence millions of little boys, and what she told them was, effectively, that once a man marries he is no longer responsible for any domestic labour.

  22. Has anyone else read Monica Dux’s latest opinion piece?
    She made me gnash my teeth with fury. Again. Apparently, interventions during labour and birth are women’s fault, because they don’t do enough “preparation” or write a detailed enough birth plan (Dux describes this as “simply negligent”)… nothing to do with, oh, I don’t know, a patriarchal medical system with a virtual monopoly on labour and birth?
    It’s beginning to be very much beyond me what her feminism actually consists of.
    Rebekka’s last blog post..Monica Dux tells women: yr doin it rong, lazy bitches

  23. Ugh, Rebekka, that is a mess. I await her Googling herself and descending on your blog in a rage, though, sadly.

    (The grad app, by the by, was submitted. God help me, and you Tee.)

  24. Oh, she’s welcome to descend upon my blog in a rage, I can take her… 😉
    But srsly, how on earth does feminism=blaming women for stuff??

  25. Did anyone catch Miranda Devine’s Yummy-Mummy-Bashing? Now the phrase ‘yummy mummy’ does make me cringe, but I also have a problem with rhyming…but yes, she basically gets ‘experts’ to say these women are neglectful parents…blurgh. What DID I expect???

  26. Yeah, I saw that fuckpoliteness. She starts out as though she’s actually being an ally to other women for once, implying that she’s going to argue that women are under too much pressure to always look sexually alluring, but then, of course (surprise surprise) on the second page she says that this wouldn’t be a problem if women weren’t SELFISH. And I am SO SICK of people quoting Michael Carr-Gregg as though he’s the greatest expert on EVERYTHING EVER. He reminds of of Dr. Marvin Munroe from The Simpsons.
    (And Orlando– WORD. Also, why couldn’t Fleur be part of that serious conversation? I mean, it was her house too!)

  27. argh – I’d missed both those columns. I caught Devine’s ragings against climate change consensus though. Ugh.

  28. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss!
    I am FINISHED! I made it through a year of full time work, full time son, part time study!!! Now I need to drink and fall down.

  29. Yay, FP! And if you’re coming to drinks on Sunday you can fall down there, where you’ll have lots of Hoydenizens to catch you! 😀
    (Of course, you may want to drink and fall down before this– but then you can do it again on Sunday. :))

  30. Thank you both, and an excellent plan Beppie!

  31. Grats, FP!
    My weekend consisted of servicing my motorcycle, but breaking it instead 😦 Matters were made worse by my 12 y/o telling mummy that daddy ‘fixed’ something again. Kids can be so cruel.

  32. Goodness, I’ve had such a week! Although I did find time to read Breaking Dawn – I approve of the shift in relationship dynamics between Bella and Edward, it felt more like a healthy partnership. I just got back home a few hours ago and I’m running on 1.5 hours of sleep. I missed being with my brother for his birthday and he’s flying overseas tomorrow. I’ll be glad to crash into bed tonight. At least I have drinks on Sunday to look forward to. 🙂
    The otters are so cute!

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