Saturday Craft: A frog habitat

Twitterers will know that yesterday I became rather curious about the KER-CHUNK! KER-CHUNK! noises coming for a prolonged time from the living room. I yelled “What’s happening up there?” and the Lad yelled back “I’m making a frog habitat!”

In the absence of running-water noises, I decided to give him his space. Much later, he asked me to take a photo.


(I still don’t know what the KER-CHUNK! noises were. I do know I need to put “sticky tape” on the shopping list.)

Edit: Turns out, I don’t need to put stickytape on the shopping list at all.

Sticky tape shopping list

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  1. Excellent. The frogs will appreciate the preexisting flies. re: Ker-chunk noises. Check he didn’t nail it to the table. 😉

  2. Heheh 🙂 That’s brilliant!
    mimbles’s last blog post..Dr Horrible DVD available for pre-order!

  3. Brilliant!

    Perhaps the ker-chonk was the stapler?

  4. The ker-chunk did sound a bit like a very loud stapler, but I can only see stickytape. Either way, at least it’s not nails.
    We just decorated the Xmas tree, and I’ve wrapped another eight presents today and packed up the package for the Easterners. 2.93 kg in a 3 kg satchel! W00t!

  5. Yet another anecdote, when my nephew was tiny we were sitting in the kitchen and heard a THUMP!.THUMP.! etc from the bedroom .. “What are you doing?” “Reading!”

  6. And again with the jealous of Lauredhel, for being ahead with Xmas present buying and sending! Grrrrr!

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