Eureka Street: The nun and the burqa, by Bronwyn Lay

I wonder how a fully garbed nun, living a reclusive life of prayer and consenting to the authority of a male Pope/Bishop, would fare. I doubt the nun would be refused citizenship.

So I wonder if this decision epitomises French fear of Islamic religious practises, rather than an issue of equality of the sexes. As with the nun’s garb, beneath the burqa, plastic surgery and my own ‘men’s clothes’ are flesh and blood women who, regardless of their feminist position, religious practises and cultural choices, are entitled to equal access to the law and its resultant protection.

It’s all too easy to create a victim and then pick on her clothes.


Check out these handmade leather journals, recycled from old handbags, at Barenest.


Yahoo! News: China: 6 babies may have died from tainted milk

China’s Health Ministry said six babies may have died after consuming tainted milk powder, up from a previous official toll of three, and announced a six-fold increase in its tally of infants sickened in the scandal — to nearly 300,000.


Jessica at Feministing talks about upcoming anti-hookup-culture film “The Spitting Game”.

What immediately struck me about this clip, however, is that the film shouldn’t be about hooking up – but about booze. Perhaps the real problem on college campuses isn’t that kids are having sex, but that they’re having it drunk.

Rachel Hills at Musings of an Inappropriate Woman adds a statistic from the Online College Social Life Survey:

The average American college student has seven hook-ups in their four years at university. Of these, less than 50 percent will involve intercourse. That’s less than one one-night-stand a year.


And The West’s Leaver’s Diary is done for the year, with this parting shot:

My top tip for guys on future leavers would be to minimise the number of girls that stay in your house. When they get all emotional the shit hits the fan and everyone is dragged into pointless fights, which ruins what should be the fun times. Besides there are plenty of others to find down there anyway.

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  1. I found this short ABC article interesting:

    Better policing cuts domestic homicide, says Commissioner

    The Queensland Police Commissioner says improved police response to domestic violence has helped reduced the state’s murder rate.
    Bob Atkinson told a homicide conference on the Gold Coast that the annual murder rate had steadily decreased during the past decade and stood at around 50 a year.
    He said police were trained to look for warning signs, especially when dealing with domestic violence.
    “We can hopefully predict that those domestic violence matters could potentially lead to a homicide, someone being killed,” he said.
    Canadian domestic violence expert Dr Myrna Dawson told the conference that separation issues were a major reoccurring issue.
    “Most of the research has flagged things like separation, estrangement as a top risk factor,” she said.
    “Prior violence against a partner, usually by the male partner, alcohol use, obsessive behaviour by the male partner and so some of those characteristics are common across all domestic homicide”.

  2. Also sort of a bookend for the West Leaver’s Diary: perhaps he too will incriminate himself via YouTube for something blokey and illegal in the next few years?

  3. I had hopes of going to that conference – it had a specific focus on domestic homicide and Prof Judy Atkinson was one of the key note speakers. Couldn’t get there but they’ve posted abstracts at ACCSA and there is a possibility that the papers might be published on the ACCSA site sometime in the future.

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