Thursday Cheezburger and Delurking Day

How could I go past Vortex Kitteh?

funny pictures of cats with captions

Runnerup: Hooman Saved Me.

It’s our monthly Delurking Day! If you’ve been reading along, give us a shout and let us know you’re there. You’re welcome to post your favourite macro, introduce yourself, or tell us what’s made you feel proud lately.

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  1. Hi, I’m tired, cranky, my hair needs a wash and I loathe Pirelli calendars, buzzwords, media-driven panic about a much-needed economic slowdown and those bloody flower stickers on the back windows of people’s cars. G’night.

  2. Wheee delurking! Hi everybody! I’ll just ignore the voice in my head telling me not to post this for fear of looking stupid, and claim the first comment here! And also take a moment to brag about successfully dunking a basketball yesterday, with a gym full of people watching, and later cheering.

  3. Dammit! Beaten by a stealthy ninja!

  4. Mscrankypants, g’day. Sounds like you’ll feel right at home here.
    I haven’t seen the flower stickers, but I can sure do without the “Bad Boy” ones and the raunchy-girl silhouettes. Gah.

  5. Frangipani flower stickers. You haven’t seen them? They’re everywhere here. I find them inexplicable but yes, much less offensive than the silhouettes.
    We are going out for dinner to the local Chinese place, primarily because I can’t be bothered cooking. Or shopping in order to have something to cook.
    mimbles’s last blog post..Dear member of the shopping public

  6. cataclysmic: sorry you missed your FR1ST!1! moment. But yay for your basketball dunk!
    mimbles: I don’t think I have seen them – is it some sort of craze? Does it mean something? It’s takeaway night here, too; I’ve been attending boring-to-unpleasant medical stuff today, and the lad’s been at a birthday party after school, and we’re all likely to be a touch ragged round the edges. So we’ll have takeaway, and maybe some Dr Who, and an early night.

  7. mimbles: I don’t think I have seen them – is it some sort of craze? Does it mean something
    I took it as “Look here, this is my car and I’m a girl. A girl owns this car. You can tell by the flowers/trinkets”. I could be wrong/a total grumpy cynic.
    Haha, hi to Cataclysmic and her stealthy ninja foe!
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Whoa, it’s a Devine bullshit tsunami

  8. Weekly LOLdog.
    see more puppies

  9. Hi! Also a cranky cynic here.
    Haven’t seen the flower stickers but I abhor the pink ‘Princess on Board’ and blue ‘Cheeky Monkey on Board’ stickers for cars with children in them. ‘Cause everyone knows that girls can only be princesses and boys adorable little troublemakers. Ugh.
    That dog is so adorable, it makes me hurt.

  10. Hi, I’m Laura from Indiana (still giddy it went blue!), which means I always get to your posts late 😛 Huge Doctor Who fan as well–which got me into knitting, as my twin made a 4 scarf, which leads me to what I’m proud of: just finished knitting a Very Warm Hat for myself (which I need, it’s got Very Cold here) and a headband for my niece.

  11. Yo! Liz from Loudoun County, VA…epicenter of the blue-itization of Virginia.

  12. Hi! I’m another Liz. I’m off to a friend’s theatre piece shortly, and later I’m going to a gay night with some friends (already went to one last night, and am completely knackered, but never mind), possibly with a carol concert in between. At the moment I’m ridiculously stressed because I’m co-directing a play which will be performed on Monday. Just an amateurish university fundraiser type thing, but I still want it to be at least passable… here’s hoping…
    Also [TMI alert] I recently bought a SheWee, which came in the post today. Odd but strangely fascinating. Anybody else have one/heard of them?

  13. cataclysmic, I feel awful for allowing my inept but sometimes stealthy ninjaness to get in the way of your slam dunking first post. Arm wrestle for next month? 😉

  14. Hello! I’m Liz, and I love this blog quite a lot. And right now I’m feeling proud because you guys linked my racism bingo card. ❤

  15. Goodness – we’re collecting delurking Lizzies! Welcome every one and all the non-Liz delurkers as well – great to have you here.

  16. Wow, a lot of Doctor Who fans in feminism, aren’t there? I wonder why that is.
    By way of apology for my off-topicness, I present to you this.
    more animals
    [admin magicked ~ tigtog]

  17. Mine of the week:
    more animals

  18. mscrankypants, I accept your challenge. I’ll just have to go back to lurking in order to delurk then…
    Or, I could post when I first notice a thread, and then be free of your stealthy ninjaitude!

  19. Meow!
    A little late, I’m afraid. 😦


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