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This is the webcam of the International Otter Survival Fund site. The latest news:

“Winnie has now been joined in the nursery pen by Insch. At first they were quite separate and slept in their own bed but now Insch has crept in under the duvet!! It has made Winnie more active so you may well spot either of them coming out for fish.

Lunan and Leven, are very fond of each other as you can see here and they cuddle up so sweetly. Both are eating fish but you can still see footage of Lunan having her bottle on YouTube and footage of the two of them together on another YouTube page.

Crummock has settled into his outside pen at the hospital which unfortunately does not have a camera.

In the meantime, Tay and Pebbles are doing well on the croft and certainly showing their wild side, and you will have read in Sanctuary news that Ceud and Rowan are now back in the wild, which is fantastic.”

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I liked this latest Target: Women piece from Sarah Haskins.
    Edit – it won’t embed because the post already has an embedded video (which I’m going to have to change the size of because it’s bending the blog)! Oh well, it’s here: [link]

  2. I completely adore Haskins. I have yet to see her not hit one right out of the ball park. Speaking of hitting it out of the ball park I came across two great videos that really spoke to me this week. The emancipation of the female orgasm and Angry Asian Chicks…I found it so reassuring to hear women tell their truth so bluntly and with such feeling.
    No complaints this week but I would like to annonce that my little guy told me that he loves me more than Mac and Cheese. Since this is his absolute fav I know it was mean as the greatest expression of his love. Its funny the little things that a child can say to you that really make your day.
    Renee’s last blog post..When Asian Women Tell It

  3. Mac and cheese is pretty lovable, so that’s a mighty compliment!
    So my dad got himself arrested on Saturday for ‘malicious damage’ to four cars. I do not know how to *begin* to process this information. And I’m at work. And it’s busy. So really I need to focus on that, but I’m kinda reeling. It’s the latest charming development in his bizarre alcoholism (you know, beer hidden in the garden etc and all of us just kind of pretending it’s not happening).
    “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas”

  4. (((fuckpoliteness)))

  5. Yeah, thanks Beppie. It’s vaguely humourous on some level. I mean even *this* was conducted all passive-aggressive like…he didn’t smash the cars, no nothing so open, he scratched them with his keys. And then said “No I didn’t” to my mum. Like a busted three year old. I know that it’s not *funny* per se, but it’s that perverse kind of Al-Anon humour. Sigh. Might be time to go back to meetings.

  6. Wow – hard to deal with, FP.

  7. How surreal to have a discussion on the phone with your mother as an adult and ensure that she knows that leaving/booting him out is well and truly an option the family would support. How strange to have that level of detachment from my father. How…not surprising as well. Merry friggin Christmas eh? I’d really like to blog on this (just because I LOATHE family secrets, object to them with my entire being) but my sister’s husband sometimes reads my blog, and it’s more capacity for trouble than it’s worth. Pity. I think those sorts of conversations are useful.

  8. FP, I’m so sorry this is happening, and at this time. I am glad that your mother has you there to support a decision that some others might not.

  9. Thanks…me too. I think we’ll be ok. I am oddly detached, though not feeling any one thing for more than five minutes. Just trying to go with that whacky vascillation of emotions for now. My mum needs to know she has options. My dad needs to know I care about him but don’t believe him and am not going to enable him to lie and pretend and that if he doesn’t get help I’m done. My sisters need…hugs I guess. My son doesn’t need to know about it right now. And I need to make sure I get enough headspace in this lead up to xmas. Sheesh. I do have support happily. But for real, the latter half of this year? I declare it officially Bullshit!

  10. If it’s any comfort, you’ve been on fi-ah lately, writing wise. (I know, you could have had that without the bullshit) 🙂

  11. Hehe…well thanks Helen…it’s good to hear. Sometimes I feel like I’m just saying the same old shit/that it’s irrelevant/boring/whatever and I just haven’t noticed.

  12. Maybe you could post something here sometime FP because I think it is really worthwhile breaking the silence on these matters too. Not just because keeping it all hush is enabling but also because women are so frequently prevented from communicating crucial insight by fears of being seen as trading in victimhood. Of course the reverse is the case – it is so much easier for common problems to be denied if you can convince women to shut up and so much easier for yet another generation of women to be suckered into accepting appalling conditions of life as normal. I once had a very depressing conversation with my cousin where she admitted her husband hit her when he was drunk. It was the cheery dismissive tone that was really heartbreaking. She was buried under layers of denial. It does seem hard that you have had such a high bullshit quotient recently! Hard if you are the only one shovelling it aside too.
    I came up against another accessibility issue on the weekend. Mostly people are helpful and understanding when my son has a bit of a meltdown in public but on Sunday, as I was leaving the beach, a guy with tatts started yelling at me. He waited until I was past him and yelled at my departing back “If you ever bring that fuckinging c**t back here I’ll fucking ( I can’t remember his exact words but threats of physical violence were made). I swung around and said “Stop swearing! My son has a disability” and just kept walking. Luckily the bairn had already made it to the car so he did not have to witness this. I managed not to vomit on the grass but I did think a few times that my failure to act cowed and apologetic could have earned me a smack in the mouth. There was applause as I left and I still don’t know whether that was from people glad to see the back of us or, as my friend suggested, people glad to see someone stand up to a bully. There are some people who have led really hard lives around here and someone with his appearance is just as likely to be extremely solicitous and eager to let me know that they understand our situation, but he was one scary fucker.
    Continuing with my thoughts on victimhood above the point of this story is absolutely not “poor me” (I hate the construction of being a parent/carer as burdensome, it is challenging not burdensome) but how dangerous it is to be a person with a disability, how me being a sole parent increases that danger for him as well as for me and how even a simple and free activity like swimming at the beach is fraught with problems that affect his access. Will we go back? I don’t know. Not tomorrow certainly. I am scared. If there had been a visible male adult presence things may have gone differently. Maybe MrScaryfuck would have just muttered under his breath. Being a solitary woman with care of someone with challenging behaviours puts us in danger in a number of ways and this is probably the least of them but still I am frightened. Maybe I’ll take a leaf out of Lexicon Harlot’s book and take some martial arts classes.

  13. I have no doubt that the applause was for you Su. Most people expect kids to have meltdowns occassionally, but they don’t want tattooed strangers swearing and making threats of violence when they are trying to enjoy a day at the beach. A meltdown you can ignore, someone acting in a threatening manner could turn on you next, so I daresay they were glad that you didn’t put up with his crap and put him back in his box. Nicely done too.

  14. fuckpoliteness

    I have no other words to offer than I am sorry to hear that things are so tough for your family right now.

  15. Hi Su…
    Wow that sounds like a scary interaction! I am also convinced that the applause must have been for you, for shutting down some big, scary, bullying guy. I hate that the result of speaking up is that feeling of “I’m going to vomit”! I know it well…
    Do you have a good support network around? I have found being the single mother of a son with a disability quite isolating, and that that sense of isolation extends to really mundane, everyday things. I hope you’ve had someone there to offer you hugs and make you tea, and listen to you.

  16. And thanks to everyone for the kind words of support.
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Sam Brett sickens me

  17. Cheers Mindy and FP. Yeah I’m good, very good in fact and a friend came around just after it happened and I got to debrief immediately – like you say social isolation would make it much, much harder. I still have some contact with the parents whose children were at Early Intervention when my boys attended, 6 to 10 years ago. If my boys hadn’t received diagnoses until after they started school as I know can frequently happen with kids who have less apparent ASD, I think it would be much harder to make those contacts. I know a couple of great women with children who have ASD and even if we don’t see each other a lot, when we do the relief of being with people who get it without need for any explanation is enormous. Do you know anyone else in a similar situation down there FP?

  18. I know some parents of kids on the spectrum, but we moved down here when my son was 6 – I felt like I was drowning in the area I lived in (and hadn’t known any parents of kids with Asperger’s) then came to a wealthy and conservative area where the parents are twice my age. Plus I’m at work full time so never in the playground and then I study part time…so I don’t have catch up time…and you know, the income/lifestyle/age differences make it tricky I guess. The only woman from the school in vaguely the same age/income bracket doesn’t get it/believe it I think. So my friends without kids are where I get my support.
    But I did go to a parent training thing once and the camraderie there was instant.

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