Go look at the moon.

perigeeFull moon and perigee are coinciding this month – go check out the biggest, brightest moon since 1993.

Last time this happened, we went down to the beach and proved that we really could read newsprint by moonlight with sunglasses on. Anyone in a low-light-pollution location want to test it tonight?

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  1. Dude, the photo of the moon is so bright, I can even read the text under the photo!

  2. Well, it was raining here last night (and we have terrible light pollution anyway), but perhaps I’ll take a peek tonight.

  3. Yes, the rain was way too heavy here last night. *pout* It seems to be clearing, so hoping to see a big fat moon tonight.

  4. Raining, raining and I don’t think it is about to stop. Only the frogs are happy about that (and the snakes that eat the frogs, and the kookaburras that eat the snakes that eat the frogs).

  5. The night is cold and clear here, and the moon is lovely. I’ll have to try for a shot later, after I go play Holiday Consumer this evening.

  6. Ugh, too tired and it’s not nearly as nice as it was at about 5:30. I did appreciate it though…lovely.

  7. I saw the moon rising about 9pm on Saturday night – it was very bright. Couldn’t get good shots though because I’d had a bit to drink at a party and had the hand wobbles.

  8. I got some pictures on Saturday night too, a bit later on– I must see about uploading them this evening.

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