Welcome, oldfeminist, to the bloggy world!


I’d like to welcome oldfeminist’s new blog, and recommend it to you all.

Oldfeminist is an old Hoydenizen with a new name. Tigtog and I are both personal friends with oldfeminist, originally meeting in another net-place far from here in the last century.

She is a kickarse feminist and a free thinker.

From her Welcome post:

Younger feminists rightly become tired of explaining very basic concepts of feminism to those who stumble in asking, “why are all you feminists such man-hating hairy-legged lesbos?” They also rightly want to talk about what they want to talk about, and not be told that their interests and viewpoints are unimportant, why aren’t they talking about starving children in Africa?

I am just as interested in talking about things I deal with on a daily basis. Aging. Repeating history. “Whatever happened to” people and ideas older feminists have in common. And I’m also interested in being in a space where having embraced feminism during the “Second Wave” doesn’t automatically make me a racist sellout in a suit.

Oldfeminist also has a current post about Bettie Page. Check it out.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve highlighted this, I was planning to as well!
    There definitely seems to be a space required for those who came to feminism during its Second Wave to share their generational experiences.

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