So, what’s bugging you today?

Today, I’m annoyed because I only got to see my son get presented with his certificate from school but couldn’t stay for the picnic lunch because I had to go back to work. I know how hard it is when it seems like everyone’s Mum but yours is there. Even though it’s 30 odd years ago now, I still remember the feeling. It sucks to have to do it to my own son.

fuckpoliteness has a great post up about how Sam Brett is bugging her. I couldn’t agree more.

Feel free to vent in comments about your day, week, whatever.

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  1. Suit with coat and tie. It might be de rigeur male dress but in Sydney in the summer it’s insane.

  2. Thirteen year olds leering at me. The only reason I didn’t smack a kid wearing a “Tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes” t-shirt saying “tell your head to stop connecting with my hand” is because my sister stopped me. *is aggravated*

  3. I got my first taste of mother guilt – had a doc yell at me for not coming in earlier, not coming in every week, not getting a referral earlier (??), not getting tests done (that I had never planned to get done), not constantly angsting about the pregnancy and she never ever EVER once asked why I made the appointment or how I’m feeling. The constant nausea and vomiting up between a third and a half of what I manage to eat, 14 hour period where I couldn’t keep water down and strange pelvic pains are apparently secondary to WHAT IF YOUR CHILD HAS DOWNS SYNDROME.
    Luckily, she isn’t my normal doctor, with whom I will be making another appointment and explaining that I do not want to see aforementioned yelling woman ever again, and can we please check on these odd things that are actually bothering me?

  4. What’s been bugging me all day today is this article from The Australian:,25197,24806008-5013404,00.html
    Despite Justice Bell’s career achievements in criminal law, The Australian still saw fit to describe her in the article’s opening paragraph as a “former TV barrel girl”. How is this episode from over 20 years ago (likely done in comedy jest more than anything) relevant to her appointment to the High Court and her achievements as a barrister?

  5. Rachel: I read the similar article in the SMH. It made me fume as well.
    hexy’s last blog post..Bettie Page, talent, death and slightly out of context rants

  6. Work. Transcribing really boring/frustrating phonecalls. *deep breath* OH JESUS CHRIST, NEW ZEALANDERS, LEARN HOW TO ENUNCIATE.

  7. This is trivial, really petty even, but its what’s bugging me and that is getting used to whatever the hell is it that WordPress just did to my blog. That is bothering me, and the fact that my gravatar disappeared. But I have sorted it. Why can’t they make these upgrades opt in instead of you check on your blog after a brief absence and everything behind the scenes has changed AND there is this stupid fake snow happening. Like the whole world is in winter – bah humbug!

  8. Oh, geekanachronism, I’m so sorry. I’ve had one of those doc visits a while back – my usual doc away, and a whole pile of lecturing when I came for something completely different. “Oh hai, [ignores presenting issue because of Teh Presence of Fat], don’t you know women are more likely to get heart disease than anything else?” “So how’s about we deal with the thing I actually have right now?”
    I also empathise +++ with the excessive pregnancy-vomiting.

  9. Reason to be impressed with Australia (across the ditch, we don’t often admit to this): retiring High Court Justice Michael Kirby! 50 years on the bench, human rights activist, and a distinctly non-judicial approach to life: “Never be predictable. It’s so uncool.”

  10. *hugs* geekanachronism, what a horrible experience 😦 And the pregnancy nausea thing sucks too it dragged on for more than half of all 3 of mine. It sounds like it’s got suddenly worse for you though? Hope you can get some useful answers from your usual doctor.
    I once got a long lecture from my usual GP’s partner about my anaemia being a possible sign of bowel cancer (and nothing to do with my having pernicious anaemia) because my father-in-law, who had been his patient, died of bowel cancer. Clearly I’d managed to marry into the genetic heritage or something.

  11. Bitches from post office queues.
    I thought I was doing quite well today. The queue as the post office was … extensive. I managed to get my large scooter inside but had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting around the place, so I waited until what HAD been the end of it reached me and pulled in to take my turn. Got served but then getting out was a bit of a palaver as I had to ask people in the queue to move out of the way, shift the rope divider and for someone to hold the door open (while making sure I didn’t run over the dog in the process). Considering how long we were all waiting, everyone was in good temper and was very nice about it. I made sure to apologise all the while of course.
    Once I’d escaped from the Post Office I ran into one of my fellow queue-ees while waiting for the lights and gave her a smile. She took the opportunity to come over specially to say to me…
    “You certainly know how to use your disability to your advantage.”
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..No-one is outside the law…

  12. The fact that we had no internet access at work this morning.
    And a lot of family drama that I don’t want to discuss on the internet. But that is bugging me nonetheless.
    And the fact that my husband’s temp job is ending 2 weeks early because the company ran out of money.

  13. Germaine Greer taking her digs at Marcia Langton rather than keeping it directed at Baz Luhrmann.
    And my stiff neck.
    And the I.T problems that mean I can’t check my results at Uni.
    Wow…DeM…that was staggeringly rude of that woman! And what ‘advantage’ exactly did you get? Having to negotitate a space not designed for you to be able to independantly navigate without having to ask for help?

  14. Minor I know, but years ago a counsellor read me a poem (perhaps by Whitman) which talked of having no home, no place to rest…it was about unsettledness, and I think it was meant to inspire, but at the time it felt like a curse. I want to read it again now, as I don’t think it would feel like a curse at all…only I can’t find the darned thing, remember its name, or enough of the lyrics to track it down.

  15. Wow…DeM…that was staggeringly rude of that woman! And what ‘advantage’ exactly did you get?
    Tell me about it, FP. **headdesk**
    I suspect this is part of that ‘disabled privilege’ thing that crops up from time to time. The ‘luxury’ of preferential parking (IF you can find it) which – to her shame – the otherwise excellent Germaine Greer has whinged about previously.
    My cousin is doing really well at Uni despite dyslexia but her Scottish grant for additional disability costs will not cover the expense of buying textbooks because that would apparently give her an advantage over other students who don’t have to write all over the texts (they will cover the much higher cost of photocopying everything instead, so logic doesn’t really come into it). Disabled students in England DO get money for books though.
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Forced Marriage GP returns to UK

  16. Wow, DEM I can’t understand her thinking at all. She realises that you have a scooter for a reason, yet expects you to get up and stand in a long queue to be served. I would have been sorely tempted to see how well a scooter could run her over. But then again, how horrible must it be to be her if she sees the world in those terms all the time.

  17. Thanks Mindy. Unfortunately with all the crowded pathements due to Christmas shopping, I’ve already achieved my roadkill quota for December. =8-)
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Forced Marriage GP returns to UK

  18. Another woman killed by a man while he was under an AVO that was meant to protect her. And her death then being described as the result of a “domestic dispute” between an “estranged couple”. There was no shared domus and they were no longer in a relationship. I hate the way the terminology implicitly denies that reality and undermines a woman’s right to determine who she is and isn’t going to form a relationship with.

  19. Yeah…I saw that. I was posting on some of this stuff, but I just went flat today….how’s about we call it for what it is…a murder of a woman resulting from this man’s belief that he owned that woman, and that once his girlfriend , forever his possession.
    Not only does that language deny her right to who she isn’t going to form a relationship with, but not hearing, respecting and supporting her right to END any relationship and move on without intimidation, stalking, violence and/or murder.

  20. I can’t seem to shake how bugged I am that John Favreau still has a job.

  21. geekanachronism, can I suggest checking out False Unicorn Root? While of course this does not constitute gold standard evidence, I have seen it help with severe nausea during pregnancy that hadn’t showed any signs of going away at the three-month mark.
    Rebekka’s last blog post..Oh the swotiness of me

  22. What’s bugging me today? I went out at lunchtime and saw a little girl (5 – 7 maybe), viciously jerking her very small dog’s head around with a nasty choker chain. What is it with parents leaving a kid in charge of an animal when when they plainly don’t know how to treat animals?
    The dog took it like a saint, but I bet if he snapped at the kid, the parents would probably have the poor beast put down. I really felt like giving that kid a good slap, but I know it’s not her fault.

  23. So, you name your son Adolf Hitler> and then wonder why there is a fuss. I’m only surprised it hasn’t happened before now.

  24. Jesus wept! That’s child abuse, really.

  25. Why can’t I have the butterflies inside and the blowflies outside?

  26. I almost posted on that Mindy!
    Their other two kids Fine have the middle names “Aryan Nation” and “Himmler”.
    And…PLEASE…cry me a river. You wanna be all cool and cutting edge by naming your babies after genocidal racists/racism? Then don’t whinge when you call the local store to ask them to put it on a birthday cake and they decline. Sheesh. Surely mum or dad could have written the name on at home…no no, they want to have their Hitler cake and have it written on too…

  27. Apologies, that’s Hinler, not Himmler.

  28. I wonder if they just got the spelling wrong? Is that bad of me?

  29. I bet you’re right Mindy. Love the pun FP.

  30. My hands and wrists are hurting.
    But I feel better now I’ve read about the birthday cake refusal. Reminds me of the awesome Raymond Carver story about the baker (played by Lyle Lovett — spelling??? — in the Altman movie).
    They probably only called the third kid Hinler because they didn’t know how to spell Himmler. And if we’re all very unlucky, little Goering, Goebbels and von Ribbentrop are still waiting in pre-conception heaven.
    Pavlov’s Cat’s last blog post..You can put a ring around it

  31. Sorry, Mindy, I missed it that you’d already made the spelling point. Great minds, etc.

  32. I just assumed I didn’t know all of the ‘big wigs’ of the Nazi party. I’m a shocker at remembering the Seven Dwarves as well.

  33. No worries PC, I’m glad I’m not the only one who wondered that.

  34. I was only thinking that it was probably a mis-spelling because of this little ditty my husband taught me some years ago:
    Hitler has only got one ball, Goering has two but very small, Himmler has something similar, and Goebbels has no balls at all.
    I have, however, never heard of von Ribbentop so obviously I don’t know my history as well as I should. They probably couldn’t work out how to fit his name in.

  35. Okay so I cheated — one of the novels I had to read last week was about the Munich crisis of 1938 and von Ribbentrop was there. I wouldn’t have remembered him otherwise. (Knew the others though.)
    As for Teh Dwarves, let me think: Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful and Doc.

  36. The nausea spiked pretty bad last week, but seems to have settled now (week 12). I went over 24 hours without vomiting! I heaved a bit, but no vomit! Sadly, that ended last night, but I’m hoping this is the end of the nausea rather than just a lull. I’m mostly worried about getting dehydrated because nothing induces puking more than drinking too much water – not that I can predict how much is too much, but the puking will tell me.
    It’s amazing how many doctors forget you might be there for a reason other than them exhibiting their psychic intelligence – you know, you might have symptoms they don’t know about.
    The crankiness for today is a Dr Who fantwit talking about how she’s so ‘boy-like’ because she hasn’t had the female experiences of rape/DV/pregnancy AND she likes plot AND hates makeup/skirts/annoying girls. I’m not even into Dr Who and I can see she’s awful for the fandom/my intelligence levels.

  37. Sorry to disappear offline without answering your question, Fuckpoliteness. (Moment to enjoy the ironic flavour of apologising to someone called Fuckpoliteness.) Here is the lowdown on the vile Favreau:
    (Sorry I don’t know how to do links properly, tigtog. I resolve to learn in the new year.)

  38. Von Ribbentrop is pretty well known in the UK because he was made ambassador to the court of St James during the war. So bad they called him Von Brickendroppen. For example, diplomatic correspondence/invitations are traditionally written in French so everyone can read them but Brickendroppen sent his out in German… so all the other embassies replied in their own language, causing absolute chaos.
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Forced Marriage GP returns to UK

  39. @ Deus Ex Macintosh:
    I never heard that particular von Ribbentrop anecdote before. That’s marvellously Prussian, isn’t it?

  40. Ah. I see. I googled John Favreau, actor, rather than Jon Favreau, toolbag extraordinaire. Never made me think ‘Oscar’ but never made me think ‘Fire him immediately’ either…but now I get it.

  41. Now, to top it all off, my housemate’s stalker is acting up again. But since she’s never had any fucking support about it, tomorrow will be the first time she’s talked to cops about it, even though he’s been at it, with varying levels of violence and threats, for FIVE FUCKING YEARS.
    The pindicked loser studied law as well, so he tends to keep most of the actions vague enough that the cops can’t come out because of the threat and he relies on her not getting good advice or support on how to deal with it. He also didn’t realise she is now living with me, and I’m a whole different kettle of fish to the women who have come before, and the men.
    Doesn’t stop me freaking out at odd noises though.

  42. Mindy, I sympathise with your school situation, I’m the same.
    S.O. has changed our energy company without discussing with me. This bugs me. What sort of person does that?

  43. I’m not going to be able to listen to any speeches Obama makes now without thinking “these may well be the words of a halfwitted cock-headed frat boy”.
    Oh well, better to be disillusioned sooner rather than later.

  44. I was very bugged by the decision to have Rick Warren give the invocation at Obama’s inauguration, but am a little less bugged now that I know it wasn’t his idea.

    This time, though, the decision to get involved with Saddleback was actually not Obama’s. The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, run by the House and Senate, put together the program for the swearing-in ceremony. Congress, not Obama, invited Warren (as well as scheduling a musical performance by Aretha Franklin; here’s hoping she doesn’t reprise the 2005 inaugural performance of John Ashcroft’s “Let the Eagle Soar”).

    The compulsion that the Dems in office seem to have to cosy up to the conservatives every single time gives me the ‘ump though.

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