Okay, so the bling is annoying

but I can get past that. I really can’t see the need for pink and white rhinestone encrusted tape dispensers, computer mouses, calculators, staplers, USB ports, or keyboards. Nor can I see how having a pink mini toolkit, keyboard, gardening tool kit or bbq set is going to make any difference to my life. But what really got me was this:

Remote Command-A-Man

Is your man a fat slob who sits on his bum all day watching the footy and sinking tinnies? Wait no more ladies! Use your remote to take control of the slob. All the functions you need are right at your fingertips – Talk about shopping, Shoes, Need Flowers/Chocolate/Massage etc. It also has a function for putting the toilet seat down, but we’re fairly sure it doesn’t work – technology can only do so much.

  • 3 stop functions: Snoring, Farting, Belching
  • No batteries required – powered by mind control

So, no function for picking up after himself, spending quality time with the kids, doing some housework. Don’t waste your $9.95 on that one.

But wait, there’s more:

Remote Command-A-Woman

Finally someone has decided to put technology to a worthwhile use. Just point the remote at the subject (she’s not even a woman, she’s an object now) and select one of nine functions: Cook, clean, Remove Clothes, Say Yes, Leave etc. It also has a dial up Breast Enhancer/Reducer and a Hurry Up function for when you want her to get a move on sho you can get to the footy.

  • Three stop functions: Nagging, whingeing, moaning
  • No batteries required – powered by chauvinism (what, really!)
  • Requires an IQ of at least 10 to operate.

If only an IQ of at least 10 was required for selecting items for the Xmas catalogue.

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  1. They say the most revealling things are what’s taken for granted. Neither this little inanity nor the ad someone posted the other day that showed men being ‘punished’ by being made to fold washing show a moment’s doubt that it is the woman’s job to do the housework. They just remind men that should give them stuff to pay for it. And if the going rate is flowers/chocolates/jewellry from JCPenney’s, then women really need to unionize.

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