Weblog Awards Finalist!

The 2008 Weblog Awards

We’re in the Best Midsize Blog category. This means we’re up against :

Betsy’s Page
The Sideshow
Israel Matzav
Rod 2.0
At Largely
Scholars And Rogues
Suburban Guerilla

Voting starts on January 5.

Congratulations to Shakesville for their nomination in Best Liberal Blog, to The Dawn Chorus and Zoe Brain for their nominations in the Best Australia or New Zealand blog category, to Bitch PhD for their Best Very Large Blog nomination, to Muslimah Media Watch for their Best Middle East or Africa Blog, and to Dervish for a Best Religious Blog nomination.

Best Ofs – coming up

Because tigtog and I are both ensconced in family time and school holidays, posting will be quite quiet until the third or fourth week of January. To tide us over and give Weblog Award visitors something to chew on, I’ll be putting together a few of my personal favourite posts in a few categories, something to give visitors a sense of what I write when we’re not chatting about Doctor Who and cat macros. I’ll be highlighting a bit of my writing in breast, bodies and birth, bad science, big pharma, disability, and feminism – something that gives a bit of a feel for what kind of blogger I am. I hope tigtog will find time to do the same. If you have a favourite Hoyden post, do please feel free to add it in comments for the appropriate category.

The Aussie/NZ nominations are:

Rusty Lime
A.E. Brain
The Dawn Chorus
Tim Blair
Screen Play
Media Spy
Gizmodo Australia
Ask Bossy
All Men Are Liars

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20 replies

  1. Congrats Hoydens. I’ll be sure to vote Chicago style.
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2009.

  2. Congratulations! Much deserved.
    (And lauredhel, some of us already started nominating HAT posts in the Femmostroppo thread, which I think we’re not supposed to do but we got carried away – will think of more stand-outs from the year and put them here!)

  3. Thanks for the congratulations! 🙂

  4. Dervish was also nominated for Best Religious Blog. Congratulations, Maryam.

  5. Dervish was also nominated for Best Religious Blog. Congratulations, Maryam.

    Oh, I didn’t spot that! Excellent.

  6. Congratulations, Hoydens, and thoroughly deserved.

  7. Fantastic! Congratulations!

  8. I’ll be voting for you!!!

  9. Congrats Hoydens! Will be voting like mad for youses!

  10. Just working my way through and voting: Jennifer Marohasy is nominated, which is bizarre enough, but the category? Best Online Community.

    What. the. fuck.

  11. …Plus, wtf with Ask Bossy and All Men are Liars in the Aust/NZ blogs. Complete farce. Where are LP, Troppo, Hoyden to name only three? There is definite MSM pump priming going on here. Even B.Liar is MSM these days. To put it another way, at least 30% of the Aust/NZ nominations are blogs run by the Murdoch or Fairfax presses – the same old media duopoly.
    Gah. What a performance.

  12. Helen @11, I agree! I couldn’t believe the Aust/NZ category. None of the *actual* down under blogs I read were there – although I didn’t know The Dawn Chorus & AE Brain, so will check them out now. Seriously, All men are liars?? whatever, I tells you. Surely someone nominated LP and Troppo? (I’m assuming Hoyden couldn’t be in more than 1 category..? I was wishing they were in the Aust/NZ one instead. sigh)
    Also I found the LGBT category a bit lacking. I don’t especially like the big blogs there that everyone seems to think are great? I’m sure there are more creative queer blogs out there…? Although can’t think of any off the top of my head. Don’t mean to offend anyone – actually I think what I’m really thinking is, many blogs on ye olde internete seem very similar to me, similar formats or writing styles or *something* and as I was perusing the nominations for this and randomly going to some blogs here or there I was hoping to find something Really Different but didn’t. Any tips, people?
    Yeah so some weird choices there but congrats to the Hoydens, hope it leads to more awesome people coming here and being awesome etc. woo! 🙂

  13. The polls are now open! Vote here, once a day for a week:
    Vote now for Hoyden About Town in Best Midsize Blog!

  14. Regarding Hoyden and others not being in the Aussie/NZ category–from other blogs I read, I gather you cannot be nominated in more than one category. Since Hoyden, while having an Aussie focus, isn’t strictly devoted to Australian subjects, I would guess that’s why it isn’t under that category and is under the other one.
    Congrats to all the nominees!

  15. Vote early, vote often…
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Blair to get US Medal of Freedom


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