Happy New Year! (ETA – Open Photo Thread)

Here in Sydney we’ve just blown lots of things up on and around the Sydney Harbour Bridge to celebrate the turning of the calendar. Hope you’re all having some convivial fun for the New Year and that it brings you much joy.

ADDIT: Just saw a wonderful idea on a mailing list (hat-tip to BobH) – post a link to your One Photo for 2008 – the captured moment, either personal or political, that you just can’t forget. Where possible, we will do admin-magic to make it show up in-thread.

For a bit of inspiration, try some of these media galleries for 2008 retrospectives (beware, if you are on dial-up the ones marked with an asterisk will eat your bandwidth):

CBS has a huge 2008 In Review section, organised by topic. Take a packed lunch. Individual pics are well-sized, but viewing everything will nom your dial-up. *

The Guardian has a similar 2008 in Review series. *

The Times (of London) offers their 20 most-read news stories on 2008, and you can take the chance to boggle at serial smirker Jeremy Clarkson’s latest load of tosh.

New Scientist has a stunning gallery of science photos.

Australia’s newspapers don’t seem to have done that much in the way of picture retrospectives that I could find – if anyone’s found some that I missed, please share!

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  1. Still an hour and a bit to go here, but happy new year to y’all.

  2. Happy New Year Hoydens. Next year, maybe youse all in Sydney could rouse Godjirah from the watery depths and instead of blowing up things aroundd the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you could have him eat up the bridge! It would be a Saurian Spectacular!
    Here’s a little photograph to celebrate the occasion.

  3. Happy New Year! I still have about 8.5 hours to go

  4. I still have hours and hours to go.
    Will go down town tonight and see the Big Pine Cone drop….yay!
    Happy New Year

  5. Happy bleary-eyed new year morning to you all. Alas, it’s hayfever not hangover, and what kind of a way is that to start the new year.
    Also, blowing up Sydney seems like fun.

  6. Happy New Year! Oh man, fierce hangover.

  7. Blowing up Sydney was marvellous! Happy new year!

  8. Note the additions to the post for a more interactive New Year thread: my most memorable photo would probably be these two boys at the Obama rally on the shoulders of their fathers:

  9. Yup, Happy new year. Great images TigTog.
    Grendel’s last blog post..Happy New Year

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