Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otters are on video, creating havoc in a house. I know it’s not exactly candid, but I just love it when they frolic around under the bedspread. [h/t: Mindy]

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I’m currently reading Contact by Carl Sagan (made into a movie, staring Jodie Foster & Matthew McConaughey) . Good book so far.
    The main character Ellie seems to be a very strong character. One small section, she says she doesn’t want a baby because she might not get back to school. His response was “you wouldn’t have school, but you’ll have something else” (something else implying a baby). Their relationship ended and she went on to pursue her dream science job.

  2. Fauxpology # 2 (following on from the post here regarding Sharron the whoopsy-daisy-racist):
    LAME! If I had time I’d blog, but the family is invading (LORD!) for miniFP’s 12th B’day and I have to go prepare of the food.
    Also a quick note. I really want all next week at my blog to be on issues surrounding the apology (one year ago on Feb 13) – on what it’s changed, on what is in the pipelines, on the successes and failures of this government regarding Indigenous issues, on what people are working on, what projects and groups are acting on (what, I can’t form sentences, need more coffee) etc…so anyone that would like to contribute a guest post or three…or exchange links so that there’s a post here/a post at mine/a post elsewhere? Just kicking ideas around…
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Breaking NEWS!!!

  3. Are otters in any way related to stoats? See Snow-Crazed Stoat Goes Beserk
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Hamas steals from ordinary Palestinians

  4. Not at all otter-related:
    Miranda Devine once again tells us women that we’re DOIN IT RONG. Apparently the problem this time is ageism– a real problem, of course, but the reason for it, according to our dear Miranda– it’s because we horrible horrible women are going against our obviously natural inclination towards older macho men– instead, we’re now tending to prefer younger men who’ve grown up in a world where they’ve learned that it’s okay if they aren’t completely emotionally detached– they’re allowed to cry and stuff, and that just doesn’t turn Miranda on. Ergo, old people face discrimination.

  5. Wow, Beppie, I thought maybe you were overstating it when I read your description, but then I thought “No, it’s Devine”, and followed the link, and realised you were understating it. By quite a bit.
    She really can’t tell the difference between Eastwood’s swansong movie-hero and actual life.

    Perhaps women respond because Eastwood has evoked an era when men were manly, loyal, selfless, and quietly devoted to duty and sacrifice. Not that there aren’t men like that today. But you can’t really imagine a Roger Federer, 27, or a Rafael Nadal, 22, telling a bad guy: “Go ahead, make my day.” They’d just start blubbering – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Ahem. […]
    Women might like the concept of emotional men who burst into tears and hug each other like girls. But in the fibres of their DNA, they are not sure it’s right for the man with whom they share a bed.

  6. FP: wow, Rawson’s remark was … sadly, fairly typical. Headdesk. Yeah, we’ve never heard this before:

    ”They still think we’re at 25 years ago when the tour was full of, you know, a lot of dykes and unattractive females nobody wanted to watch.”

    Still, a teeny fairy clap for saying “I am sorry I said that”, instead of “I am sorry if you were offended”.
    The apology week sounds terrific.
    [p.s. I prefer people not to use “Lame” as a derogatory term, here. Ta.]

  7. She really can’t tell the difference between Eastwood’s swansong movie-hero and actual life.
    Well, Devine’s grip on actual life has always been tenuous.
    I wonder what would happen if she watched Torchwood? It might make her head go ‘splodey. 🙂

  8. Argh, Miranda Devine sends me into a murderous rage! She’s a deliberately antagonistic right-wing conservative loony.
    Speaking of murderous rages, try this on for size. The ‘Virgin Wax’ , for 8 year olds and up:
    Now, to add a little bit of heartbreaking beauty, the ‘Fidelity: Dont Divorce Us’ campaign (i wasnt sure how to imbed it):”Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.
    [That should work, I think. Commenters can’t embed pics/video, but we can! ~L]

  9. Shades of Blue, I was just watching that video over at Shakesville. Powerful stuff.
    The Wanda’s teen-waxing… I poked around the site trying to figure out whether it was satire, and couldn’t. Apart from the head-splodiness of the whole thing, I note that “teen”-creep is now right down to eight years of ago. Sickening.

  10. Something for the Greens, Xenophon and Fielding to keep in mind when reviewing the stimulus package. In the US, so-called moderate senators have proposed cuts to Obama’s stimulus package that disproportionately affect programs that benefit women and children.

  11. Shades– that “virgin waxing” is the creepiest thing that I’ve seen in a while. So many things wrong there that I don’t know where to start.
    As for Devine– normally I don’t read her stuff at all, but that manly!Eastwood one was the SMH’s top story for a while today, and I clicked on it without realising that she was the author– and having read it, I had to rant.
    I’ve seen the “Don’t Divorce Us” video in a few places around teh interwebz today– it’s such a simple, beautiful, powerful message.

  12. Why have I only just discovered that there is a stop-motion animated film of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline just released (in 2D and 3D versions) in US cinemas?

  13. Hey guys. I’ve come back to this after a day with my family.
    Oh Miranda, fuck you for telling me what I feel in the ‘fibres of my DNA’. Hmm…science women, does my DNA have fibres? Just a questions.
    Re the teeny fairy clap, she lost it for me when she claimed she wasn’t offering her opinion. Nice sidestep of culpability.
    And oh wow! I just watched the Fidelity: Don’t Divorce Us video. I need to go have a sob. And put the video on my blog.
    Onto culpability. Thanks for the pickup there. I am always having a go at people for using ‘gay’ when they ‘don’t mean GAY’, and what they mean is crap. I used the word lame with literally NO connection to physical lameness, the connection never even occurred to me. Of course now that I think about it, that’s exactly where it comes from and I shall of course desist. It’s really odd to realise how much has crept into your language with a total disconnect for you in terms of what you’re meaning and the meaning of the actual word. Certainly no excuse, but flooring to realise I’ve done it!
    And Miranda, give me Federer or Nadal over Eastwood types ANY day. ALSO, I honestly wish my partner *would* cry in front of me. I’ve never seen it, despite having seen him in emotional pain. I think the Dutch stoicism is ingrained, and while he works hard at being honest and is an open and loving guy…I wish he could let himself have that relief. But what do I know, maybe he does at home? But would it make me not want to share my bed?????????
    I. Can. NOT. look at the pre-teen waxing concept it turns my stomach way too much. I just farewelled my partner’s 9 year old daughter and the idea that someone would already be marketing this sort of crap at her and her friends? SHIT!

  14. It’s cool with me, fp – this particular habit is one I’m still breaking myself, so I get it.
    Eastwood. Yick. So much yick. Yeah, I don’t particularly want a partner who stomps around and gruffly challenges me to make his day. I’ll take my Nigel who cooks and cares and and sheds a tear watching children’s movies, thanks. Any day. Or night.
    (And yes, it was a fairly teeny fairy clap. Not even two fingers.)

  15. Now, to add a little bit of heartbreaking beauty, the ‘Fidelity: Dont Divorce Us‘ campaign:

    Okay. That made me cry. Wish I could post vids on my blog, now.
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Cows eat grass, get high on milk…

  16. The Daily Telegraph and Alannah Hill think it’s acceptable to offer “makeover advice” to Julia Gillard, Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Minister for Education, Minister for Social Inclusion, and Federal Member for Lalor.,22049,25009368-5006002,00.html
    How many times does the fact that male politicians are never criticised or derided for their appearances or fashion choices need to be made before we stop seeing this kind of thing in the media?
    I have been loving SBS’s Carla Cametti PD lately. I’m also loving The Wire and Veronica Mars (which I’m watching on DVD).
    I saw the US version of Life on Mars this week, and it is a travesty. Gene Hunt and Sam in the UK version are superior characters, and Life on Mars itself is a quintessentially British cop show. The Americans make some good crime shows, but they’re very different from the British crime shows, and I don’t understand why US networks can’t just buy a good British show and air it, instead of remaking it into what is usually an inferior product. I will also soon be avoiding Underbelly 2, because it glorifies the banality, stupidity and ugliness of the people and the crimes it supposedly depicts.

  17. I’ve come back after dinner with the family, and I’m disgusted about Allannah Hill’s ‘advice’ to our Deputy PM as per Evie’s link. Here’s a woman who, at the same time has endured endless speculation about her ‘do’ and her lovelife, has performed brilliantly politically, and as Minister of various portfolios. She’s seen off one shadow minister and is currently making mince meat of a second. She’s articulate, ahead of her colleagues who only have one significant portfolio to manage, and still manages to appear relevant to everyday people. Why can this not stand as a stellar achievement in her current chosen profession? Why must it still come down to what she’s wearing, what her hair looks like, whether she can be “bothered or not”?
    But perhaps the best thing about the Daily Telegraph soundbite is the very last line: “A spokeswoman said Ms Gillard had no time to comment.”
    Priceless!! Get a life MSM.

  18. Not that this is new for her, but Devine seems to really be missing the point of Gran Turino (which some have criticized here in the US as being basically a modern remake of his 1992 classic Unforgiven…which was really a remake of Dirty Harry…for fuck’s sake, Clint, pigeonhole yourself more). Namely that it’s about dubious morality in the fight between good and evil, and overcoming differences to acquire an understanding, even if tragic and violent.
    So frankly, even if you look at said movies I mentioned above, Eastwood plays renegades but hasn’t been the stereotypical cowboy she makes him out to be, and why the hell is she comparing him to tennis stars, of all people?
    Where have all the cowboys gone? I don’t really miss them.

  19. Rachael — I would so love for Gillard to be our next PM.

  20. Some good letters in response to “Daniel Bergner in his account of investigations into female desire (Jan. 25)” in today’s NYT Sunday magazine.
    Sady at Tiger BeatDown(whom I only just discovered through a GoogleBlogSearch) has a great takedown of a review of Bergner’s just-released book on the subject from Slate.
    I’ve already deleted one comment from a fuck-knuckle over at FF101 about how vaginal lubrication in rape situations proves that the women “really” wanted sex after all.

  21. fuck-knuckle

  22. Beppie, I DO love fuck-knuckle…I don’t necessarily ‘get it’, ie/ it makes not much in the way of sense, but JEEZ it’s fun to toss around. 🙂
    Evie @ 17. OMFG! It just makes me so sad/angry/frustrated.
    Yesterday while my partners just-turned-ten year old girl was here, my two sisters were complaining about a woman they know who said to my sister after looking at her ‘eternity ring’, ‘Oh, hon! That ain’t an eternity ring’. My sister was understandably pissed off – but chose to say ‘Oh? Well at least *I’m* married!’ as her rebuttal, to which my other sister chimed in with something about the woman not ‘getting’ a husband. I was flabbergasted. This in front of my never-married-even-though-she-desperately-wanted-marriage-and-babies aunt.
    Same woman having a $300 a head ‘hen’s night’ (now that she’s victoriously “getting” a husband!!). I remarked that she sounds as though she thinks she’s in Sex and the City (meaning extravagant tastes and a snooty attitude to jewellery) and my sister started up about how she’s *SO* not and talking about how unattractive she was, but clarifying she didn’t mean the ‘tiny’ one who was ‘really pretty’.
    I JUST…lessons being absorbed right there. This girl *already* regurgitates these messages, cos she gets them at school, on the computer games she plays (I kid you not, she was playing a game of ‘Dress Paris Hilton’!?), and the heteronormative push that marriage is the meaning of women’s life, and that small=pretty=worthwhile go pretty unchallenged in the area in which she lives and by her primary carer.
    I just feel sad. I kind of wish she was my daughter so I could really spend time counteracting these things a little, but I’m stuck cos I don’t want her mum to feel I’m ‘moving in’ you know?
    DEM – me too. I spent fruitless…well minutes…trying to work it out, but to no avail! 😦 May just have to paste the link to the site.

  23. I have an extra-special tag on my blog just for Julia Gillard.
    I have about a million bookmarks (okay, less than that) to look through, but now I’m going to work on my French knitting.
    Chally’s last blog post..A list of things about me, part one

  24. I’ve been lurking here for a while now, and reviving my critical skills. An eye-opening and at times depressing experience, though it certainly motivates me to think more carefully about what I say and do and how I respond to others. So thanks to all the commentators.
    In that regard I’m somewhat floored by the Family First protest in NZ regarding the smacking ban. The Yahoo news report includes a photo showing various placards of the usual type. But the one that really floored me said
    “Don’t force parent’s to stop using force!!!”
    Yes spelt like that, and yes puctuated like that. However it’s the sentiment that’s more disturbing and I can’t get my head around how it can be said seriously.

  25. Absolutely, Janet. I’ve known people I otherwise consider largely sensible who will insist on the “right to smack”. I think that there’s a strange sense that parents almost own their children / the parent’s love is perfect and they can do no wrong by their child.
    And Hoyden – and feminist blogs more generally – have made me more aware of my words and actions, too. Sometimes I just freeze up for fear of saying something wrong, but that’s more a reflection of my personality then the lovely commenting community. But all any of us can do is move forward, right?
    Chally’s last blog post..Quick link: violence against trans women in Honduras

  26. I was in The Book Station at Caringbah this morning, sniffing around the second hand books and what do I find in the tiny section called “Feminism”?
    One truly feminist book (Susan Faludi’s Backlash) and a whole bunch of parenting books including one called “What about Us? The Mothers Feminism Forgot” AND one called The Pick-Up Artist!
    It’s bad enough there were so few feminist books but to see one of those hideous how to rape instruction manuals really pissed me off.
    Just wrote them a stern email.

  27. The Pickup Artist, P.P.?! Yikes.
    What’s the angle on the Maureen Freely book? I can’t find any useful reviews online. I can imagine a book of that title being either horribly conservative, or being really very feminist. Emic examinations of feminist motherhood are a neglected area of feminism, and I thank bluemilk profusely for her series on the subject, which I totally think should become a book.

  28. I didn’t even open it to be honest. I assumed from the title and the era (90s) it was part of the backlash publishing movement.
    Maybe I’m wrong.

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