Better than (foo), reminds me of (bar)

A new meme! Using one of the tips from this handy Lifehacker post (Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks – it’s recommended as a way to find music/movies etc that you might like based on a musician/film you already like) I plugged in a few different search terms to Google to see what came up (although as I am a poliblogger with a shriveled husk of a heart, I tweaked the search in order to more likely find the pol-abuse) .

After watching Jon Stewart take the living mickey out of Bobby Jindal’s response to Obama’s big speech

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(and remembering that it’s not the first time Jindal’s copped a Daily Show serve), the top results for “Jindal reminds me of” were:

Jindal reminds me of a song” which took me to a song named “White Houses” by one Vanessa Carlton. Total fail on the pol-abuse front, as the song has NOTHING to do with politics, but I hadn’t heard of her and she’s a bit different. Kewl.

Jindal reminds me of Kenneth on 30 Rock” from a Twitterer, and he’s not the only one who thinks so. I haven’t seen the show yet, so I dunno. It does rather strike me though that comparisons to dorky TV characters is not an especially promising position for the GOP’s new “rising star”.

P.S “better than Jindal” got a lot of variations on the “even Sarah Palin would be” front.

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  1. Ah, see, Vanessa Carlton was rather big here (and had some following in the UK, iirc), though she has a lot more depth to her canon than the poppy stuff that made it onto the radio. White Houses didn’t–it’s a great song but I think it was restricted from airplay and MTV because it’s a fairly frank story about losing one’s virginity.
    Of course, I’m a bit keen on it also because Lindsey Buckingham plays background guitar on said track…

    Sorry to shout, but that made me laugh!

  3. I was a big fan of a band called Ezra in the mid-1990s, and this trick definitely helped me find a band I liked better.
    Angus Johnston’s last blog post..NYU Profs Call for Due Process for TBNYU

  4. Bene, I rather enjoyed the video where she’s dancing as well – nice wirework.
    Lalaroo, in certain cases shouting is just irresistible.
    Angus, so what’s the new band’s name?

  5. Watching the rest of that episode, I have to say ‘They’re like the Mod Squad, except their enemies are taxes and gays’ is a fantastic quote.

  6. I was waiting for something along the lines of “the last time Americans saw an Indian that wooden, he was standing outside a tobacconists”…
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Greed is Good(win)

  7. You’re going to kill me when you realize what a dumb joke it was .

  8. Oh, man, I forgot to enable CommentLuv. I love CommentLuv.
    Angus Johnston’s last blog post..Obama’s Student Aid Budget Looks Good

  9. And of course now his big narrative about ‘bureaucracy is BAD, mmkay?” has been shown to be a lie. And even if it were true it would have been Bush’s FEMA under “Heckuvajob” Brownie that was at fault.
    Of course, way too many voters will just believe that no-one could ever lie like that on national television.

  10. @ Angus Johnston:
    Oh. Oh dear. Fifty lashes with a wet noodle for you, Doctor.

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