Whoydensday: Dalek in a Pond!

If you haven’t heard the news yet — last week, a dalek head was found in a pond in Hampshire. According to telegraph.co.uk:

man in waders in a muddy pond holding a dalek headSales executive Marc Oakland was pushing a rake around the bed of the shallow pool when he found the object with its distinctive eye stalk.

The 42-year-old said: “I’d just shifted a tree branch with my foot when I noticed something dark and round slowly coming up to the surface.

“I got the shock of my life when a Dalek head bobbed up right in front of me.


[Pond warden, Tony Brown] said: “We made a very thorough search of the rest of the bottom of the pond and there were definitely no alien remnants lurking.

I would just love to know what archaeologists thousands of years from now will make of any dalek remanants they find.

Beneath the fold — The Dalek Song!

(A variation on The Llama Song)


Here’s a Dalek, there’s a Dalek and a bloody lot of Daleks,
Funny dalek, fuzzy Dalek,
Dalek, Dalek, truck.
Dalek, Dalek, Chula, Dalek, Jagrafess, Slitheen and Dalek
Dalek, Dalek, TARDIS, Dalek,
Dalek, Dalek, truck.
I was once a human, on Earth I laughed and played.
Then the Emperor Dalek came, stole my DNA.
Now I am an evil thing, killing is my fate.
I glide around the universe and shout “EXTERMINATE!”
Did you ever see a Dalek?
Touch a Dalek, on the Dalek?
Dalek, Dalek, tastes of Dalek, Dalek, Dalek, Truck.
Half a dalek, twice a Dalek,
not a Dalek, Sarlacc, Dalek, Dalek Emperor,
I dialled a Dalek truck.
Is it getting old now?
We’re ready to invade,
The Doctor’s trying to kill us all,
Look what Jack has made.
Now the plan is getting there,
the Earth is out of luck,
unless this girl can save the day,
with a yellow truck.

And lastly, here is the classic image of Ace about to smash a dalek with her baseball bat:

Screencap from Ionlylurkhere.

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  1. God, can you imagine anything scarier than cleaning out a pond in England, and seeing a Dalek rise out of it in your actual, non-fictional life?! I probably wouldn’t have stayed long enough to find out it was only a costume– I’d be out of there!
    But I suppose I also consume a lot more science fiction than is probably healthy…

  2. I know, eloraine — I’d probably be stuck somewhere between “awesome!” and “SHIT!!!!!” Of course, my partner and I have an inflatable dalek in our living room, so perhaps I’d be a little prepared for it. Maybe.

  3. When going home from Uni one evening I was waiting for the lift and when it opened there was a fake Dalek inside. As I was by myself I cowardly let the lift doors close and then pushed the lift button again after about a minute. It took two goes to get a non-Dalek infested lift. Fear of Daleks is well ingrained from watching from behind Mum’s chair in the 1970’s. But only because I wanted to spend quality time near Mum, I wasn’t really scared. Not really.

  4. God, can you imagine anything scarier than cleaning out a pond in England, and seeing a Dalek rise out of it in your actual, non-fictional life?
    When Remembrance of the Daleks was filmed (the one with Ace and her bat), there was a big street battle, and the pyrotechnics were loud enough that someone called the emergency services – wires were crossed, and one ambulance was sent to the scene, despite the services at large knowing the score. Poor ambulance crew rounds the corner and finds a big cloud of smoke and three Daleks emerging from it. I don’t know if that’s a true story, but I rather hope it is.
    On a glummer note, Sophie Aldred counted as a really depressing moment in her life following a mother and child into a TV museum, and the child asking what the Dalek was. But whatever Russel T Davies’s faults, at least that’s not going to happen now.

  5. Love it – “dalek dalek truck”. Thanks Beppie.

  6. Mindy — that sounds terrifying. 🙂
    Nick — That story is the reason the phrase “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” was invented. 🙂 I have to admit, however, that before 2005, I only knew daleks as “those exterminate things in the ANZ commercial”.
    M-H — Glad you enjoyed.

  7. What ANZ commerical was that again?
    Chally’s last blog post..Look, readers, I have the shiny for you

  8. I have never seen that ad before. How brilliant, and how true.

  9. I’ve grew up more of a Cyberman fan and had never been even mildly startled by Daleks … until I went to my first Dr Who convention in Manchester and one loomed at me from the top of the stairs in the old town hall.
    They always seem to be attempting to invade earth via a sewers though, perhaps this one got lost?
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..More power to ‘em

  10. Why I Love Fandom, a brief post, by Anna
    Dalek in the Pond fan community, dedicated to explaining how the Dalk got in the pond.

  11. I would’ve been terrified if I had come upon a Dalek like that. And really excited.

  12. DEM — there is a famous scene where a dalek rises out of the water in The Dalek Invasion of Earth (First Doctor), and I initially hoped that this was from that, but apparently it’s more likely left over from a 1980s Colin Baker episode.
    Anna — thanks for the link. 🙂
    Opal — My thoughts exactly.

  13. Anna: I was going to post that! I love that it took less than 24 hours for the Who fanfiction writers to jump on the story.
    hexy’s last blog post..Wendy Harmer, Brett Stewart, rape culture, and sheer, blinding rage

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