We’re nominated in the Canadian F-Word Blog Awards – Go Vote!

It’s time to VOTE in the Canadian F-Word Blog Awards!

Hoyden About Town has been nominated in the Best Feminist Blog International, so go and drop us your vote if you’d like, though we’re up against some pretty stiff competition.

There is one vote per IP address, and the voting only goes till the 14th (Canada time), so get moving, and spread the word fast!

There are a fair few Friends of the Hoydens in some of the other categories. In Best Feminist Blog – Oh! Canada! check out such blogs as Womanist Musings, Trouble is a State of MInd, and A Secret Chord.

A couple of other picks:

Best Feminist political blog: Challenging the Commonplace, One Woman One Blog

Best Feminist personal Blog: Tiger Beatdown!

Best Reproductive Liberties Blog- English: Birth Pangs

The Support Bro: Mattbastard at bastard.logic

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  1. I am so in love with these awards because something I want to do over the summer is dedicate my reading time to more Canadian-oriented blogs. Not that I don’t love both my American & Australian friends, but I’d love to read more takes on Canadian politics. 🙂

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us.

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