Otterday! And Open Thread.

via The Daily Otter, this friendly sea otter gets a bit curious about the camera operator’s kayak.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I’m finding all the stories of fundagelical “family friendly” types deliberately voting against Adam Lambert in the finals of American Idol because they deemed him a “freako” highly obstreperating.

  2. I’ve been having an exhausting few days discussing cultural appropriation and thinking about it. Also, having another few exhausting days thinking about steampunk politics and how they intersect with racism, colonialism, and appropriation for PoC such as myself.
    Also, am loving the Femmostroppe Reader! ❤

  3. Well, I received my pre-ordered boxed set of ‘Trueblood’ from Amazon yesterday. Am very excited by the first three episodes.
    Also, have been getting het up under the collar all week about news reports about Annice Smoel, the woman who was arrested in Thailand for (allegedly) stealing a beer mat from a bar. In pretty much every headline she has been referred to as ‘mother’ or ‘mum’ and I’ve found it really…. annoying! I mean, I get why the MSM do it (‘she’s a MUM and therefore full of VIRTUE and beyond REPROACH, be OUTRAGED at the INJUCTICE!!’), but it’s just like – why the hell can’t she be referred to by her actual name, or something, rather than identified solely by her relationship to her kids? It’s like she’s simultaneously less of a person in her own right because she has children, and yet her arrest is even more shocking because she has kids… Look, I know I’m not articulating very well – I just have a sense that the way it’s reported is kinda bullshit, and I trust that the Hoydenizens will let me know if I’m way off track.
    Have a fab weekend, all…

  4. I’m in a general state of missingness, missing my home, but I think mostly because my partner has been away at a conference for nearly a week, and he won’t be back for another week or so yet.

  5. Today we took the kids to see the Berowra Musical Society production of Les Mis. And it was very good (though incredibly hot in the hall). Tom (aged 7) got very weepy in response to the death scenes but said he enjoyed it. I’ve promised them a comedy next time 🙂
    mimbles’s last blog post..Why it’s more than a week!

  6. does anyone around here watch “bones”? did anyone see the season finale? was it not, essentially, just a piece of cheesy fanfic brought to life?!?!

  7. I’m so enjoying reading Sady / Tiger Beatdown. I have a policy these days because my blogroll is too long so whenever I add someone someone has to go, and of course I get all attached to some of them. However. I looked at my ‘roll and asked myself “Do you really, really want to keep that link to your good friend’s partner’s blogroll, the one who left her at least in part because she wouldn’t tolerate his pr0n addiction, and who back in the 90s kyboshed (long story) her one chance to buy the house she’s lived in for nearly 40 years? Just because it’s still fairly rare for someone in my RL “circle” to have a blog? FOR HEAVENS SAKE HELEN COME TO YOUR SENSES.
    Goodbye Mr Australian Anarchist, hello Sady. 🙂
    Here’s a wonderful quote from Sady on one of her comments threads:

    Folks who were born after the second wave of feminism was well underway (I’m just going to say mid-70’s through, um, now: it was around in the ’60s, but was PERVASIVE and widely felt by that point) have always heard the word “sexist,” and known that it was widely regarded to be a bad thing. YET, they’ve also grown up with the backlash, and its ideology, so you’ve got this whole generation of dudes (and we can focus on what this has done to the women – later! Not in this long-ass comment!) receiving messages that (a) being prejudiced about women is bad, but also (b) what they’re doing isn’t ACTUALLY prejudice towards women, chicks need to lighten up, because (c) even if it WERE prejudice towards women, it would be fun, and they would deserve that fun, because chicks run fucking EVERYTHING nowadays.
    So! Identifying misogyny in interpersonal relationships, in this generation, is hard and weird and depends on your ability or willingness to parse a lot of gray areas. Because most dudes won’t come out and say clearly anti-feminist stuff, but you’ve also got bro culture/MAXIM culture, hipster racism/sexism, the marginalization of women in intellectual and artistic circles, etc. And they won’t say, “we have a problem with you because you’re a girl.” They’ll say, “we have a problem with you because you’re too earnest/too feminist/no fun.” But that boils down to you, basically, being a girl, and not putting up with sexism.

    Nailed. It.

  8. I mean, ex-partner, acourse.

  9. did anyone see the season finale?

    Ladoctoria, I just saw it (after you commented) – and I thought it was bloody awful. What sort of season finale was that? And the whole amnesia/dream/blahblah angle? Haven’t we done that to death? Yawn.

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