Model Choi Jin-Sil sued – for being beaten

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The Korea Herald and SeoulBeats report that construction company Shinhan has sued Choi Jin-Sil for being beaten by her then husband, baseball player Cho Sung-min, and for not being sufficiently dignified and happy about it.

The company employed her as a model in her advertising. After she required hospital treatment for domestic violence injuries, photographs of her injuries appeared in the media. After divorcing her abuser, she later died at her home, and the death was ruled a suicide.

The company then sued her estate for depreciating the company’s social reputation. Apparently being a victim of violence is a failure to maintain the appropriate dignity and happiness required of a model, and therefore constituted a breach of contract.

Choi’s mother had to appear in court to represent her grandchildren.

The Supreme Court agreed with the company, and has ordered the children pay 1.1 billion won (just over a million Australian dollars) for the breach.

I can’t find any information on whether Cho Sung-min has faced charges of any kind. Only news that he voluntarily gave up his parental rights after her death.

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  1. Oh my god. [gapes]. I can’t even think of what to say to this. How horrific.

  2. wp: same. As you can see.

  3. Warped. Utterly warped.

    I hope the grandmother has the guts and drive to countersue the TV production company for stressing him to the point of snapping. Ore else that they decide to just be honest.

  4. That’s horrifying. I doubt I would have heard this story (can’t imagine the American press finding it worthy) so I’m really glad you got wind of it and posted it.

  5. Wow. How dare she be so uppity as to be be beaten? /snark Of course the insane part is not that the company sued a dead woman but that a court actually agreed with them.

  6. Speechless.

  7. O. M. Ceiling Cat. That is awful.
    I haven’t heard/read anything about that (or any news that is about the late President Roh or DPRK right now), and I am horrified. Sadly, I am not surpirsed. How sad and how sick that makes me.

  8. What the shit. Do we know how old the children are? I’m assuming they’re quite young.

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