The loud and erratic behaviour of Anthony Scrinis

Adviser to Libs female MP sacked after charity ball

Numerous witnesses reported incidents at the parliamentary press gallery’s Mid-Winter Ball on Wednesday night ranging from Anthony Scrinis fondling women’s breasts, or asking to — to him questioning guests about their sexuality and extramarital relationships.

I’ve only got the basics on this (his boss Sophie Mirabella has accepted his resigation, he’s taking responsibility for “inappropriate behaviour” but disputes some of the allegations), but as the story says:

Wednesday night’s imbroglio is doubly embarrassing because Mr Scrinis had been working on a women’s initiative to encourage greater participation and debate within the Liberal Party.


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  1. ”fondle”: to caress: touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner.
    Uh, no, TheAge. One woman left the room in tears. That’s assault, not “fondling”.

  2. YARLY.

    Men, women and children of port phillip.
    It’s time to be honest.
    I’m a really good liar,
    and an even better actor.
    I’ve been in showbiz all my life.
    Do not trust me.
    Do not believe a word I say.

  3. The blame seems to lie with Sophie Mirabella’s hiring strategy and staff management. She really needs to sit her staffers down and say “Um, Dude, I think the Womens’ portfolio does not mean what you seem to think it means.”
    Unfortunately, she is the kind of special-snowflake semi-feminist who probably thinks that it would be unacceptable positive discrimination to employ a woman in the role.

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