Utegate in LOLcats!

For anyone who hasn’t been quite sure of exactly what went down in Parliament over the last few weeks, check out the fine summary of Bekk’s brilliant LOLcat epic: Utegate as told by LOLcats

Below is just one sample image:

Tip o’ the tweet to @flopearedmule

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  1. That is probably the most astute analysis of Utegate yet. And to think my husband was just complaining that there’s nothing good on the internet!

  2. I agree flocking101, if only the media would start using lolcats I think the news would make a lot more sense, and be much more enjoyable. Brilliant work Bekk.

  3. My mother attempted to explain Utegate to me but frankly, the LOLcats make more sense!

  4. Now with it’s own website! http://dailylolz.lolpolz.com/
    The commentary on Andrew Bolt is gold.

  5. Thanks everyone, and thanks Tigtog for the linkage!

  6. @ Rebekka:
    You’re welcome, Bekk – I just shared it with my husband as he walked in the door from work and he was LOLzing so loud the kids had to come and see what was going on.
    They iz imprest.

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