Carnivals! Submit your pieces now.

The Fourteenth Edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival is fast approaching! The deadline for submissions is midnight on the 2nd of July, so get your posts in before then.

This edition will be hosted by anjum rahman at Kiwi Stargazer. Pieces short or long, textual or other, from New Zealand or Australian feminist blogs are welcome, so long as they were published in June. Please read the carnival guidelines first; and please give a thought to accessibility when publishing your posts.


Submissions to kiwistars at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.

Spread the word about this carnival (including the links in this post) to your feminist blogging networks. And if you’re interested in hosting a future carnival, please contact Lauredhel. We’re short a volunteer for the early September carnival, and from November onwards.


Secondly, submissions for the 3rd Asian Women Blog Carnival close on August 15th. All the details are available at rebellious jezebel blogging, and the (optional) theme is

Intersections between Culture and Sexism

Post a URL at the link, or email

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  1. Also, the deadline for submissions for the Carnival of Feminist Parenting is on the 5th July. 🙂

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