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It’s ages since I updated the blogroll. I’m going to make a start on it now by adding some of the blogs belonging to regular posters here, and some that I’ve started reading regularly in the last 6 months (or more?) since I last updated.

Suggestions for glaring omissions that really should be added other than you lot?

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  1. Some blogs you haven’t rolled and I’ve been following and would suggest:
    Tallulah Mankiller, feminist who writes a lot about “women’s fiction” (romance and YA novels):
    The Apostate, “a former-Muslim 26-year-old Pakistani-American FeministAtheistSocialist who grew up in Saudi Arabia. I became an American in August of 2008.”:
    fbomb, a young feminist blog:
    Er, also, maybe you accidentally skipped me? I didn’t even notice ’till I started poking through your list to see if any of the sites I thought I should suggest were already there.

  2. Is it ok to spruik my own blog?

    Fat Acceptance focussed.

  3. I don’t know whether it’s my browser, but the alphabetical blog roll isn’t.
    Does anyone else see it that way?
    On a slightly different topic, does anyone else have any problems with firefox on mac OS X refusing to remember them, despite checking “remember me” repeatedly? Not a big deal, just mildly annoying.

    • Ariane, you’re quite right. It used to be alphabetical, but it isn’t any more. I’m not sure what Blogrolling has changed to make that display alteration.

      • How very strange – I just got email notification of a comment on this thread from oldfeminist, and I came to the blog to reply to it, but now it isn’t here. The same thing happened with one comment over at FF101 last week with another commentor. This latest version of WordPress might be a little buggy.

  4. And now it is here…. Or was that your work Tigtog?
    Gremlins. Someone let the gremlins out again.

  5. Hmm, nothing to do with me. And now it is here, but I was only notified of it by email 2 hours ago, yet here it is displaying as if it came in yesterday.

    Gremlins indeed!

    PS Anyway, obviously you not being on the blogroll is an oversight, oldfeminist! About to be rectified forthwith.

  6. I would love to be in your blogroll (The Feminist Agenda), although my feelings are never hurt by not being included in a blogroll. In my experience, blogrolls are always almost instantly out of date as soon as you update them. But maybe that’s just because my adventures on the interwebs are in a state of constant mutation.

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