I’ve noticed that we seem to be getting some people registering to comment who do not then go on to actually post a comment. It seems to be a 2-3 registrations like that every week now.

If people who have registered are finding that they still can’t make a comment, do please let me know. I’ve set up a post over at the original Hoyden blogspot blog, where you can leave a comment and we can see if there is in fact some sort of trend. If you can’t leave a comment on a blogspot blog then your computer configuration really must have problems! All comments are moderated there, but you should see some sort of notification that your comment is awaiting moderation when you submit it.

If you registered here and then just changed your mind about commenting, that’s fine too, but could you just let me know either here or there that that’s what happened? I don’t bite, honestly.

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  1. I registered so I could comment on the post about what awesome craft we have seen lately. My awesome craft is my wedding dress (I got married Monday) which was made for me by a local costume designer. My favorite part, however, are the pearls which were hand sewn on by me and my hubby. I have this great picture of him on his hands and knees with a light/magnifier over his shoulder squinting in concentration. However, I realized that I’m not a very computery person (if it wasn’t audio related, I never cared t learn it) and I don’t know how to post pictures of this beautiful dress with the HTML stuff, so I changed my mind. Wonderful blog though, I really enjoy reading it.

    • @auralchick,
      Congratulations on your wedding!
      mimbles is right, one of the free photo-sharing services is your best bet. Picasa is owned by Google, Flickr is owned by Yahoo, Photobucket is off on their own I think. They all have their pros and cons. Picasa might be the easiest in some ways, although Flickr has the best photog communities. I’ve never used Photobucket, but it seems quite popular.

  2. Do you use Flickr? If you do, you can leave a comment with the url for the photo’s flickr page and one of the lovely admins can work their magic to make the image show in your comment. If you’re stuck at the “how do I get this photo onto the web?” stage email me (mimbles2 AT gmail DOT com) and we’ll make it happen one way or another – I’d love to see that dress!

  3. I will give that a shot when I get off of work tonight. Thanks!

  4. I’m not sure if i’ve got the same situation, ’cause I’m using something OpenID-ish. I commented once–my thing is mostly that I just don’t comment that often.
    [Sidebar: I post on my LJ quite often, but it’s friendslocked. I’m happy to accept new friends, though, if you want to look at various personal/theatre-related/occasionally feminism-related maunderings]

  5. Oh Auralchick, that’s awesome! 🙂

  6. For me the registered-but-few-comments thing is twofold:
    1) I have so many usernames and passwords associated with my life, and so many of them require different combinations of letters and numbers blah blah, that I forget what I used to register where, and somewhere in the process of going through multiple screens to get a password re-mailed or to re-register I give up because whatever I was going to say wasn’t that important or scintillating. I’ve now (re)registered with my sleeping WordPress blog ID, so hopefully OpenID will be functional more often than not (I’m not often signed in to WP, as I’m taking a full break from blogging).
    2) I’m commenting less everywhere (see above break from blogging), not because I love my blogular pals any less, but because I got seriously burned and burned out, and dumped my blog, pseudonym, et cetera – so now I’m cautiously feeling my way to a better way to connect with people online.
    So, that’s what’s happening with me – still reading!

  7. I used OpenID for a bit, because for whatever reason, I was having login issues. Fixed now, though.

  8. I had isshews I emailed to you because I couldn’t log in to tell you here lol. And now it seems to be working so obviously emailing was the magical cure…

  9. I got a little burned commenting here, so I’ve gone back to my policy of read-but-never-comment.

    • I’m sure that we couldn’t disagree with you on absolutely everything, allie! And even if we did, that’s not the end of any civility or friendliness as far as I’m concerned, and if it felt that way to you I’m sad.
      But you’re more than welcome to lurk. Lurkers are good.

  10. Could someone who successfully uses OpenID go over to the post on the original Hoyden blog and explain what she should expect to the poster who can’t make it work for her?

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