Vale Les Paul

Les Paul, dead at 94 from complications of pneumonia. As Tim Dunlop notes, only a few months ago he was still regularly gigging in a club at Times Square, so he was doing what he loved almost right until the end. Many people attribute the sound of rock and roll as we know it to his perfecting of the solid-body electric guitar.

I fully expect that the tribute thread I posted over at LP will mostly refer to male guitarists virtuosing away on their Les Pauls. Now, I love many of the male Les Paul guitar exponents just as much as the next music fan, so by all means mention your favourite classic riffs/solos on a Les Paul from anyone in the music biz here, but in the spirit of the 100HottestWomen threads please make sure you also include those women you’ve heard rocking out with their Les Pauls. (It’s horribly depressing to read an article titled THE TOP 12 HOTTEST FEMALE GUITARISTS EVER and realise that its all about the Hawt Chicks rather than any hot licks.)

First up from me: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts with I Love Rock and Roll

Yeah, maybe Joan isn’t the best exponent of hot licks, but that was one heck of a classic riff. What are your favourites?

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  1. Aargh. How could I forget Kelly Johnso from Girlschool?
    The second pic on the page is one of my all time fave guitarist with Les Paul pics.

  2. Sorry for the typo. That should be Kelly Johnson.
    Also, Allison Roberston aka Donna R from The Donnas does hot licks on the a Les Paul.

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