Call for submissions: The Asian Women Blog Carnival – by August 15

Jha’Meia at Rebellious Jezebel Blogging; Acting Out Edition has a call out for submissions to the 3rd Asian Women Blog Carnival, and the deadline is Saturday, August 15. Anyone who identifies as an Asian woman or ally is welcome to submit, bearing in mind the focus and the safe-space guidelines. Fiction, poetry, and anecdotes are all as welcome as more traditional essays.

You can submit a post by emailing, or by dropping your URL at the call page.

The (optional) theme is Intersections between Culture and Sexism:

For many of us, “white feminism” tends to be our introduction towards recognizing sexism, racism, and other kinds of -isms that are relevant to our lives. But because we come from varying cultures, what others may call sexism, we call a cultural trait (the hijab is a prime example). Occasionally, we may have encountered sexism in our own cultures, but we never thought about it that way until after coming into contact with other cultures.

Here are some questions you may want to tackle for this carnival:

– How does sexism manifest in your cultural context?

– Do you find resistance from peers towards naming an incident sexist due to cultural factors?

– What do you think of the notion some non-Asian feminists have that imply you might be too immersed in your own culture to recognize sexism?

– From your own cultural perspective, do you think sometimes, North American mainstream (white) feminists are so immersed in their own culture they don’t recognize the sexist overtones in NA culture?

– How do you think your own culture has affected your experiences and views on sexism?

– Have you encountered sexism from people on account of your race and/or culture? (Which may or may not be influenced by racism)

Cultural comparisons and critiques, from East and West, are very welcome. Don’t think that your submission should be limited only to the above questions. You may have considered a question I haven’t. Or you could write about something else entirely.

Read more about the Asian Women Carnival homepage.

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