This is why I’m a fan of Colin Mochrie on FB

Because while I do know other people who might post a link to something like this, who else would introduce it with “this is what you can do if you apply yourself”?

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  1. BTW, if anyone sees a friend suggestion for a Tigtog Hoyden in their FB homepage, that is me. I’m just making sure nobody else grabs the username tigtog on FB: I dont’ plan to do anything much with that account, but feel free to friend me anyway if you like.

  2. Truly inspiring.
    And I love that this post is tagged ‘fun and hobbies’.

  3. Please please note me NOT making any jokes about laptops improving anal sex or … anything related to that.
    Very loudly not making them.
    Your CommentLuv is still broken, it seems.

    • Your CommentLuv is still broken, it seems.

      Bother. It was nice while it lasted. Reports are that the latest version is so jQuery heavy that it slows a lot of things down.

  4. … those are laptops, aren’t they?
    Oh, to be so rich that I could throw them into other people’s buttocks.

  5. @napalmnacey – I’m almost sure that what they are so blithely throwing around are laptop cases rather than functioning machines. Someone has access to a parts supplier I reckon.
    @rickybuchanan – I’ve upgraded to the latest version of CommentLuv and activated it – we can give it a go to see if it works OK. Its styling put it down near the Submit button, so I moved the subscription checkbox down near there as well.
    Immediately below the CommentLuv badge there is now a Live Preview, too.

  6. It looks like comment-luv is now default checked, is that how it is to be?
    Erm? It seems to be linking to some blog I have never heard of.
    Edited by tigtog: Not Anna´s last blog ..Family Picture =-.

  7. Oh yeah. That’s totes not my last blog post.

    • Oh dear. This may have been some of the stuff folk were talking about re problems with the latest version of Comment Luv. How vexing.

  8. OK, I’ve played around with CommentLuv and the check-box is now not defaulting to checked. When it was checked, it linked to some default CommentLuv blog instead of yours because you haven’t included your blog details in your login-profile. If you want it to link to your blog in future, then edit your profile to include your blog details.

  9. @Tigtog the commentluv seems to be working now but I am finding the live preview to be a pain. Is there a way you could set up our profiles so we can disable it for ourselves only? Having something moving on the page makes my eye go there, so I have to shift around to make sure it’s scrolled off screen. It seems to make the comment box laggy too – not always keeping up with my typing – although that could be something I’m imagining, possibly. Hard to tell with timing stuff.
    Thanks for all yoru hard work adminning Hoydens, BTW. I do appreciate the quick responses and all your reffort!
    .-= Ricky Buchanan´s last blog ..Talking Books – A Useful Resource =-.

    • @Ricky,
      the particular live preview plugin I’m using is global with no profile selective preferences. I’ll have a look around and see if I can find a better option.
      Or is it not that much use to people? I remember a few folks asking for it a while back, so I was excited to get it going. But if it’s not needed we can do without.

  10. my life was incomplete until i saw this video!

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