Dawn Fraser demonstrates crone power

Dawn FraserStartled in the middle of the night by intruders, 72 year old former Olympian Dawn Fraser used her swimmer’s strength backed up by strategic deployment of her titanium knee to fight off one teenager who had grabbed her around the throat.

Not a fan of violence, but definitely a fan of self-defence, I say yay for Dawn.

I say boo to the ABC news mob who describe the event as a “home invasion” in the first paragraph then finish the story with this:

Police have referred two youths to the Child Protection Unit over the incident.

Police say they are treating the investigation as a trespassing incident because no homes were broken into, nothing was stolen and no-one has made an assault complaint.

I imagine that what this means is that Fraser heard intruders outside the house, in the yard, and that’s where she fought off the attack. So it’s not a home invasion, is it? Stop imitating the tabloids, Auntie.

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  1. Uhh, if one of the scotes grabbed her around the throat then that’s assault, surely?

  2. They are not doing these kids any favours by ignoring the assault. Grabbing anyone by the throat is serious, and this was an older woman. It was just good luck that the older woman was a champion athlete able to take care of herself.

    • DEM and Merryns,
      from the phrasing of the police statement, it appears that Our Dawnie hasn’t actually made an official complaint about the assault to the police. Without her laying an official complaint all they have is hearsay from what she said to journalists. They have to have an official complaint from a victim or from an eyewitness in order to proceed with charges.

  3. “I have a titanium knee, so I must have hurt them.”
    BAM! Love it.

  4. Some of us “crones” (I love that word; there used to be a feminist radio show on WBAI , a listener sponsored station in the Pacifica Radio Network in the US, using
    crone.) are not physically able to use force. I surely celebrate those who can.
    I love being a “crone” in the best sense of the word. (Am a Leap Year “baby”, soon
    to be 17plus birthdays, if lucky.)

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