Volunteers needed NOW for Down Under Feminists Carnival hosting!

dufc carnival logoOK, I’m now desperately needing volunteers to host the Down Under Feminists Carnival from 5th November onwards!

Please place a comment here if you can volunteer, including which month you can host (and whether you’re considering an optional theme, though that can come later or not at all).

If you’re a newer blogger, this is a great way to cement connections and create new ones; if you’re an older blogger, this is a great way to give a bit back to the community.

All the carnival information is here.

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  1. Hi Lauredhel, I’ve been thinking for a while now that I really should put my hand up to host a carnival, but looming thesis deadline has prevented me from volunteering. Thesis is due Dec, so I was wondering whether I could volunteer to host Jan? (The one being put up at the beginning of Feb, yeah? Just to be sure I haven’t got my wires crossed). Sorry that I can’t offer to do one sooner, but I’ve got so much to get done between now and Dec, I’ll be making myself scarce (ha! more blog neglect in the pipeline, cos I’ve been soo prolific lately) in the blogosphere between now and then.

  2. I would love to host! Any month works for me. My blog is a Fat Acceptance blog so a loose them around body acceptance, pressure to conform appearance wise etc would be my preference but I am not that fussed if there is no real theme.

    http://www.fatlotofgood.org.au is my blog (even though I use my LJ open ID to post here)


  3. I could pick up the December one, ‘though if someone else wants to do it I will happily do one next year instead. I’m sorry – I really can’t manage November.

  4. Yeah, I could do December or February…sorry I can’t volunteer for something earlier than that but with uni stuff on there’s not going to be a chance of me having the headspace for it.

  5. I’d love to host a Down Under Feminists’ Carnival anytime from December onwards! if I could pick a theme it might be “community” or similar.

  6. Like everyone else, it seems, I’m caught up with uni stuff over the next couple of months, but December would be great!

  7. I can volunteer to host one, pretty much any month is fine.

  8. I may be mildly addicted to hosting … if there aren’t takers for November/January I’m happy to be a backup!

  9. I’d love to host one! Any month is fine 🙂
    Not sure what I’d do for theme though…

  10. Like a few other people have said: I would like to do my bit and host a carnival. Part of my problem is that I can’t guarantee in advance that I’ll have the time. [edit: I should have specified, that means that I’m happy to be a potential back-up if someone discovers late in the day that they can’t host one they’ve promised to host – no guarantees, but if I have the time I’m happy to do it.]
    However, I’m happy to put my hand up for the November one. (QoT – would you be willing to be my back-up if work gets really frantic right around Carnival time? Even if you are willing, I’ll only call on you if it’s absolutely necessary, I promise!)
    And I also think it would be nice to do one with a theme, but I need some time to come up with one (suggestions welcome – although I see that Carers’ Week is in October, and I really like the idea of that as a theme).

  11. …Deathly silence from this quarter…
    I’ve got the Sandwich generation, Partner has his own business and is leaving roughly 85% of the domestic work to me, Kid doing VCE, Work is in horrendous last quarter of IT project mode, End of year about 10 birthdays (bring-a-plate) and skool book sale blues.
    Not doing too well with it if the truth be known. Maybe next year. Mucho apologies!!

  12. Thankyou everyone! I’ve now got a little list, I’ll draw up a roster, and post it here for adjustments. Also, for each host I’ll need an email address for submissions to go to, and an email address to make public for submitters who can’t access the captcha. If you don’t want it to be the email address you comment with here, please let me know (lauredhelhoyden at gmail dot com).

  13. Y’all are AMAZING. We now have plans through to September next year, which will be the TWENTY-EIGHT carnival! Here’s the roster I’ve drawn up – if you need to change your month, if you could perhaps negotiate a direct swap, and let me know? Please comment or email me if there is anything that needs adjusting. FrankiePhD, could I please have an email address for you?
    Eighteenth Edition: Planned for 5th November, 2009: Jo Tamar at Wallaby. Optional Theme: Carer’s Week.
    Submissions to tamar.jo at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Nineteenth Edition: Planned for 5th December, 2009: mynxii at The Professional Lap Cat. Optional theme: Invisible sexism – The Elephant in the Room.
    Submissions to transcendancing at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twentieth Edition: Planned for 5th January, 2010: PharaohKatt at Something More Than Sides
    Submissions to pharaohkatt at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twenty-First Edition: Planned for 5th February, 2010: Rayedish at The Radical Radish
    Submissions to rayedish at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twenty-Second Edition: Planned for 5th March, 2010: Fuckpoliteness at Fuckpoliteness
    Submissions to kirstinsteward at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twenty-Third Edition: Planned for 5th April, 2010: Bri (scarlett-heartt) at Fat Lot of Good Optional theme: Size Acceptance.
    Submissions to scarlettheartt at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twenty-Fourth Edition: Planned for 5th May, 2010: Frankie PhD at PhD Research Blog. Optional theme: Community.
    Submissions to [email?] for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twenty-Fifth Edition: Planned for 5th June, 2010: Shinynewcoin at a shiny new coin
    Submissions to shinynewcoin at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twenty-Sixth Edition: Planned for 5th July, 2010: Rachel Hills at Rachel Hills’ tumblr
    Submissions to rachel.hills at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twenty-Seventh Edition: Planned for 5th August, 2010: Deborah at In A Strange Land
    Submissions to dfr141 at hotmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twenty-Eighth Edition: Planned for 5th September, 2010: Queen of Thorns at Ideologically Impure
    Submissions to qotblog at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.
    Twenty-Ninth Edition: Planned for 5th October, 2010: TBA

  14. Yay! Sounds awesome 🙂
    I want to pick a theme… I’llget back to you 🙂

  15. I have an optional theme! Feminism and Childcare. So, breastfeeding, parental leave, adoption, childcare as feminism… yeah, stuff like that 🙂

  16. Thanks PK – updated.

  17. Thanks Lauredhel.
    I should resume blogging in the meantime so I don’t have to clear the tumble weeds away when it comes to my turn to host the carnival ; )

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