Femmostroppo Reader – September 25, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Taser abuse: how many have to die before something is done about it?
  • – “some sobering stats — the number of deaths due to the misuse or abuse of the Taser. We’re up to 36 deaths this year, with 39% of the pre-trial, extra-judicial electrocutions and executions were perpetrated against black men, who represent only 6% of the population in the U.S.”

  • Census Worker Hanged; The Word “Fed” Written on His Chest
  • – It is possible that this guy’s murder was unrelated to his Census work. But the possibility that it was, after all the lying fear-mongering from right-wing demagogues, is extremely chilling.

  • On “Real” Christians and Christian Privilege
  • – “In March 2007, a reader left the comment: “Would you folks please stop putting the word ‘Christian’ in front of the name ‘Ann Coulter’ as an adjective? Those of us who actually do practice our religion would appreciate it.”brbrMy answer was no, I wouldn’t stop. And my answer about distinguishing between “real” and “unreal” Christians, beyond noting that there are Christians who try to impose their beliefs on others and those who don’t, is also no.brbrContrary to what some might believe, it’s not because I’m trying to be a belligerent shit. It’s because I don’t want the responsibility of deciding who’s Christian and who isn’t—and I can’t imagine why any Christian would want to give that responsibility to an atheist in the first place.”

  • Rape Apologism and the Response to Mackenzie Phillips
  • – “John Phillips was a very talented singer and songwriter. He’s a little bit of a 60s icon. And he was also apparently a rapist. Most people are currently unable to hold these things simultaneously in their minds. This is evidenced by all that is up above. And rape apologism and denialism aren’t going to stop until, among other things, they (and we) learn how to.brbrBut unfortunately right now we’re also spending a whole lot more time talking about Mackenzie Phillips than talking about John Phillips. And those of us who know better are being forced to spend more time defending her than talking about how what he did was so incredibly wrong.

    We need to learn to talk about abuse and abusers. We’re also apparently, sadly and tellingly going to spend a lot of time beating up already victimized women over and over and over again as we very slowly get there. “

  • Rational Moms »» Guest Dad Post – HAVIN’ MY BABAY
  • – very interesting post about misinformation/superstition during pregnancy, but unfortunately stereotypes all homebirthers as hippies full of woo (childbirth.org is allegedly “anti-science”) and cites a doctor’s verbal answer to a question as authoritative data. Still, the comments thread is worth reading.

  • BBC NEWS | Health | Autism rates back MMR jab safety
  • – “The NHS Information Centre found one in every hundred adults living in England has autism, which is identical to the rate in children.

    If the vaccine was to blame, autism rates among children should be higher because the MMR has only been available since the early 1990s, the centre says. “

  • Science, Non-Science, and Pseudoscience
  • – “So, what are some of the properties of “pseudoscience”? We are not here engaged in defining “science” or finding a demarcation criterion that allows us to point at something and say “That’s science” or “That’s not science”, but rather are attempting to define pseudoscience in a way that allows us to reliably identify instances.”

  • Frogs love Skeptics
  • – I can’t believe that even Glenn Beck could do this.

  • Water on the Moon…? Yup. It’s real.
  • – Phil Plait on yesterday’s big discovery.

  • Your Truth Is Merely Truthiness, Friend
  • – “I was learning how to get into Heaven. I wasn’t learning how to be a good person.”

  • An appropriate apology?
  • – A genuinely contrite apology, and an intent to do better in future – but does it only build a new pink ghetto?

  • Once again, sexists choose punishing a woman over their own self interest
  • – “The consensus seems to be that women who engage in gang bangs forfeit their right to be treated like human beings deserving of respect the second they do that. I suspect many of the angry men would still deny it’s rape if the video showed her panicking and changing her mind halfway through, only to be forced, because degrading treatment and even assault are assumed in our culture still to be things that you have coming to you for being a slut. “

  • About my brothers again
  • – “Today my brother posted a video on facebook about some loser guy walking around being rude to and flipping off women he finds hot. My brother wrote “Don’t we all feel this way sometimes?” I guess by saying “we all” he forgets that he’s also talking to women. I guess only men count. Fuck our feelings, right guys? We don’t really have any anyway! We’re not human!”

  • Studies show that women evolved to linkspam (23rd September 2009)
  • – geekfeminism links

  • Caveat Lector » Blog Archive » The sickening grunch
  • – Great post written 7 years ago (via geekfeminism comment thread)

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  1. Oh Maude, the comments on that birth story article are terrible. Quoting OB Amy Whatserface, ranting about no-epidural birth being “lunacy”, and so on. Bleagh.

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