Whoydensday: a bitter rant summed up in one perspicacious comment

No spoilers in the rant (link below). In fact, it has anti-spoilers as the author appears to not have done his homework. Here is the perspicacious comment, posted By jimbo600 1 September 24, 2009 08:53:47 AM:

Surely the most cretinous, point-missing vision of the lovely, life-affirming Doctor Who ever committed to pixels. Please let it be a joke.

Den of Geek published a rant by someone who’s not fond of New Who. As it went on (and on and on) it appeared that he’d never been much of a fan of Old Who, either – just someone who thinks that the BBC and everyone involved with Doctor Who for the last 40 years has got it wrong by making it be a kids show that adults can also enjoy, when they should have made it much more hardbitten if it was going to engage him, gadzooks. I half expected him to sign it as “Disgusted, of Tunbridge Wells”.

Still, the rant is entertaining in a car-crash kind of way. Sure, there’s flaws in Doctor Who. That doesn’t mean that most of us want it to change as drastically as this bloke envisages (and his fantasies with respect to preventing the birth of dictators via time travel are not only sexist in the extreme but also betray someone who simply has not read enough time travel paradox fics).

The Doctor, Rose and Mickey with Daleks

Anyway, after all that I was most relieved to waste some time over at the BBC’s Gallery of “Your Greatest Doctor Who Moments” as suggested by fans. Good stuff.

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  1. Definition of a Doctor Who fan: someone who hates Doctor Who.

  2. One commentator pointed out that half the ideas he suggested have been done in the old or new series already.

    • Exactly – that’s what I meant about him not having done his research, not even to the basic point of actually watching the show.

  3. What have you got against Tunbridge Wells?? Picky picky! 😉

  4. I think I can sum up the best Doctor Who moments evar in two words: Donna Noble.
    Okay, five words: and Martha Jones.
    Together, they would be awesome fighting crime!

  5. Ah, think I’ve got it…

    Doctor Who could be brilliant, compelling storytelling, stretched over an immense arc, a vision of a work as genius as The Wire, a self-contained, fun, and massive world with the BBC treating sci-fi seriously for adults in a way that is mature and intelligent.

    Baby misses his Babylon 5.

  6. Hey, I miss my Babylon 5 too. (But somehow I can enjoy more than one type of thing).

  7. but also betray someone who simply has not read enough time travel paradox fics
    Surely that betrays the author as belonging to the world’s population then. (There’s no such thing as reading enough time travel paradox fics.)

  8. Frustrated wannabe Dr Who writer? It was strange reading through that and going, um they’ve done that, and that, that too. Didn’t you see the episode where that happened? Maybe he just shouldn’t watch Dr Who if it pains him that much.

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