Virtual Travelling: Halloween mosaic

OK, this is almost certainly the last Hoyden Halloween post for the year – not bad for a country where it’s not meant to be that big of a deal! I just really enjoy the creativity that Halloween inspires in some people, particularly the jack-o-lantern carvers (sure, computer-based patterns for carving have simplified the craft, but it’s still a lot of work).

Balated Halloween mosaic

1. Baby’o Lantern, 2. The Deathstar, Halloween 2009, 3. …she’s really into it !!….Explore #23…!!, 4. Jack O’Lantern hell, 5. It’s Halloween Time!, 6. Halloween, 7. Pumpkin Parade, 8. Kitty Pumpkin #2, 9. where the wild pumpkins are.

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

I also loved this one, but they don’t allow Big Huge Labs to access their photos:

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2 replies

  1. I LOVE the baby jack o lantern…too cute and just what I needed to see today:)

  2. Oh, that baby-in-a-pumpkin is just TOO MUCH. 😀

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