Whoydensday Nerdopalooza

I know you all want to see the Children in Need trailer for the Xmas episode, but watch this no-spoiler video first (as Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait titled this 2001 A Space Odyssey/Doctor Who mashup/crossover: HALlons-y! [sfx: appreciative groan]).

The maker of the video, Tardis Timegirl, titled it 2001: A Who Odyssey, and it’s rather fabulous.

Before I insert the cut for the spoiler averse, here’s some bonus Nerdery with no Whoniverse component whatsoever:

via Tamaleaver

Now for the Uncle Rusty’s naughty teaser trailer!

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  1. The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody is absolutely made of awesome.

  2. Thank you for the The Muppets! That was great and it’s fab to start the day with a laugh!

  3. Thanks for this. I needed a bit of lunchtime nerdiness to get me through today.

  4. I’m kinda let down by the explanation on why Elizabeth wanted to get him in the Shakespeare Code or whichever episode that was. I think I’ll go looking for fanfic for it.

  5. Sorry, not sure where to post this. David Tennant fans may want to know that he’s hosting “Never Mind the Buzzcocks!” (the music quiz show) on BBC2 tonight at 10pm GMT. Catherine Tate and Gramps – I’ve forgotten his name – will be guests.
    A Doctor Who themed Buzzcocks… the mind boggles!
    Hope someone is YouTubing it.

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