Otterday! And Open Thread.

two Asian otters in a rocky enclosureToday’s otters are brought to you via PerthNow and the Perth Zoo. Two Asian otters have been introduced to the new rainforest area, and it is hoped they will continue to deepen their new relationship and produce pups. There haven’t been otter pups at my local zoo for 15 years.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. …Because god forbid anything should get in the way of footy training.

  2. Does the one on the right strike anyone else as having an “Oh crap, it’s the paparazzi” expression?
    My non-feminism-oriented irritant of my week. I work in a Shelter shop. There are a couple of common types of annoying customer that charity shops get, but the one from this week was the one who thinks they’re “too good to shop in a charity shop” – they snoot all the time they’re in, and inspect the carrier bags to make sure it’s not obvious that that’s where they’ve bought their stuff. Seriously: if we’re not shop enough for you, then go away.
    [The other annoying type is the haggler, who assumes that stuff in a charity shop might not actually cost what it says it costs – or in extreme cases doesn’t quite understand that they aren’t the charity being referred to]

  3. I have a heap of links to drop, mostly stuff I never got around to blogging here.
    First up: “Cast Offs” – A Warning for Rape-threat Content, which I posted at FWD/Forward. The show is a “edgy” (yawn) fake-reality show about disability, but be warned – there’s a rather unpleasant rape-threat scene near the beginning of the pilot. The link contains a description and clip, so read the warnings first.
    suryaofvulcan on the Fearnley business. I am pissed the fuck off about the comments spiralling around this issue. Huge numbers of people are either wilfully, colossally ignorant (insisting that what Fearnley wanted was to ride his wheelchair onto the plane, etc), or just plain hateful (“drama queen”, etc). I am pleased as punch that he’s using his celeb status to highlight an issue that affects thousands of people per year. And no, PWD shouldn’t shut up and be pathetically “grateful” for being wheeled through an airport. For fuck’s sake.
    The West reports that a new multidisciplinary clinic is opening in Joondalup for children with ADHD. The report includes:

    ”The total number of people receiving medication for ADHD, especially children, has decreased since 2004 and there is a growing recognition that treatment should be through an integrated clinical approach.

    So much for the overmedication epidemic, huh?
    The West: “Mental health shock revealed”: A report reveals widespread abuse in the psychiatric hospital and hostel system, including denial of access to sanitary pads or toilets, filth, rape, inappropriate detention for years on end. I’m never sure what “shock” means. I’m horrified, maybe, but not surprised. No one should be surprised.
    Transcontinental Disability Choir: The Public Consumption of Britney”, by OuyangDan at Bitch Magazine. Check out the rest of the Transcontinental Disability Choir posts there.

  4. Bother. I really want this t-shirt and ICHC is only shipping within the US.

  5. Started watching Battlestar Galactica but couldn’t be bothered finishing the first series – the damn thing completely normalises modern American society. The only difference is that some of the women are called “sir”, they’re all polytheists, and they’re all totes buff.
    I mean, it’s supposed to be 10,000 years ago, and they go around wearing neckties. They could have done some really interesting social stuff – it’s a post-apocalyptic paleolithic tribe in space – but no. Also they keep killing each other even though humanity is going extinct. And they waste paper. And…

  6. Went through stuff on Miss Landmine yesterday, and still formulating an article on multi-culturalism, based on stuff in Buck Godot (which is a pretty good webcomic, actually). Still plodding along with my novel. My heroine has just avoided being burned at stake.
    I also got Google Wave and have been messing with it, collaborating with a couple of friends for a sf/f zine based in Malaysia & Singapore. Unfortunately, due to the chat nature of it, we eventually devolved into not getting much work done!
    Also, I really want the Sookie Stackhouse novels now.

  7. TAK – I don’t feel so bad about not getting BG now. I gave it my best shot but found it tedious. The blog posts I have read about the later episodes are much, much more interesting that any of the episodes that I saw, so I am glad that others could look past the things that irritated me beyond reason. The umpteenth plus one scene of the hot cylon in the Ican’tbelievethisisagenuinescientist’s lap was my personal camelback breaking straw.
    That Rick Astley is a sport. The song transports me instantly to a particularly sleazy het nightclub in 80’s Brisbane – timetravelling really does make you queasy.
    ETA: I should probably stop feeding the possums and bandicoots our leftover pasta/breadcrusts/apple cores. Feeding wild animals is a venial sin second only to anthropomorphizing according to my beloved sister and I suspect I am responsible for a mini population explosion. I have been seduced by the cute.

  8. If the idea of the Mad Monk in speedos makes you want to lose your breakfast, don’t look at the Australian online edition today. It’s not pretty.

  9. I couldn’t stop myself, Mindy. I hadn’t realised I was in quite such a self-punishing mood 🙂
    Seriously, it’s a picture that will play well with a certain segment of the electorate. The pic of Hockey is also a strong one, and I guess not putting a pic of Turnbull there at all says everything we need to know about the Oz’s stand on the Lib leadership – whether it’s Abbot or Hockey they feel the polluter segment of the stock market will be in a safe pair of hands.

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