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Thanks to Mindy for the heads-up on this story from the SMH:

Google Australia’s “innovationist”, Justin Baird, developed the Show Your Vote platform after meeting US environmental campaigner Al Gore earlier this year and helping develop the web presence of the highly successful Earth Hour campaign.

His platform includes a virtual ballot box that can be embedded into any website allowing people to register their support for sealing a fair and effective climate deal at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen, which runs for two weeks from Monday.

This was one of the many projects developed by Google staff using “Google’s 20 per cent time policy, which allows staff to spend a fifth of their time working on projects they are passionate about”.

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  1. I have to LOL at the majority of the SMH comments — essentially “Greenies are fascists because this petition doesn’t let me vote NO”.
    Because, you know, petitions usually have a place for dissenters to sign.

  2. Yes, that got an eyeroll from me as well. Even the ones who said “it isn’t a ballot if you can’t vote no” – what ballot forms have they been filling in lately? Every one that I’ve filled in has allowed me to vote for one of the candidates listed, or not vote at all. That’s it.
    P.S. There’s something weird with the iframe embed code that Google gave me – it’s supposed to be 625 pixels wide and 510 pixels high, but it isn’t, is it?

  3. Uh, no, no it’s not. Is very small. I am a bit squinty at it 🙂

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