Quick Hit: Don’t like.

Viva Placemat Sheets.  

Cars for boys, Princesses for girls

Apologies for the poor picture quality, but I think you can probably see what I’m getting at.

STA Travel. (H/T to Bek).

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  1. Oh yes, can’t have any ambivalently outlying toddlers around now, can we?

  2. Here’s another nice pic of the crap. http://www.kleenexpuppy.com.au/images/content/kids/kids-viva-1.jpg
    I’d better break it to my Lightning McQueen loving daughter that she has to have princesses from now on. *eyeroll*

  3. “ambivalently outlying toddlers:” and another great band is born. (Ok, maybe not the “toddlers” part; Ambivalent Outliers maybe)
    The placemats are bad.

  4. “Well, since I had my two, I’ve had to give up this feminism stuff. Little Taylah is just such a girl… into pink sparkly stuff! And Tarquin will only play with trucks! It’s definitely genetic – they’re not getting it from anywhere!”
    Wish I had a $ for every time I heard that.

  5. Oh, me too Helen. D:
    I am noticing that even in and of MYSELF, I take more note when the Tiny Tyrant does something stereotypically “boy” than stereotypically “girl” (case in point: an obsession with cars and trucks, making “brrm brrm” noises as he plays. Yet he LEAPT at a sparkly angel bear statue the other day in Myer, and continues to be similarly galvanised by the sight of glitter. But I caught myself giving the car thing more weight. BAH!). It’s a sickness.
    Apart from the love of glitter and sparklies. Which is almost certainly genetic. ;P

  6. Wonderful comments. I like sparklies myself, but have told spouse that I want to be King, never Queen.

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