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For those of us who are feeling a bit social, Hoydenizens are planning a number of events in the coming months!

First of all, our wonderful Mimbles is having a Christmas party on December 12th and she has kindly invited Hoydenizens along! You can find the details at her blog.

Secondly, our illustrious Wildly Parenthetical is going to organise a karaoke night for us in late January — probably January 30th, although nothing is finalised.

And thirdly, I’d like to organise another Sunday pub meetup in March — probably aiming for sometime around the Equinox. If anyone can recommend a pub with an accessible beer garden in the Newtown area, that would be much appreciated!

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  1. Just for clarity: all of these are Sydney events, right? I am not sure how much I will be getting out during the car-free newborn parenting phase (from January on) but I will keep an eye on Hoyden and see what I can do.

  2. Yep, all Sydney stuff. I’m in Thornleigh, up near Hornsby.
    Thanks Beppie for doing the post 🙂

  3. Mary, you’ll have a car seat that can be attached to other people’s vehicular anchor points, yes? I suspect between us we can manage to help you and bub get around to at least some of the events!

  4. tigtog: actually people come up here to pick me up rarely enough that a just-in-case restraint is not high on our to-buy list, but we’ll see at the time!
    mimbles: I live quite close to you, it seems, but unfortunately I can’t come to the party as family is visiting that afternoon. Hope it’s a great day.

  5. Mary – just a thought, and you may have checked this out already, but local councils often hire out baby capsules for a nominal fee.

  6. Thanks Rebekka. I’ve seen some hire advertisements from commercial entities, but the fee is typically not “nominal” (it’s about 1/5 to 1/3 the price of buying a capsule or seat outright). I will see if I can find anything from my council.

  7. Of course I don’t expect dates to be arranged to suit me, but if your karaoke night is flexible, WP, I would love it to be fraction earlier. Nominated weekend is probably the date I will be moving to Wellington (!), and would love to say goodbye to the Hoydens before I head over the pond.

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