Obligatory Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Finale Thread

First, an entirely spoiler-free bit of tie-in fun from Auntie Beeb adding Doctor Who graphics to the soundtrack of David Tennant driving a Reasonably Priced Car around the Top Gear testing track:

OK, have at it.





Official trailer for End of Time Part 2 first seen after the end of End of Time Part 1.

I have a weakness for Timothy Dalton when he’s bad. I’m sure he really wanted to play Lucius Malfoy for a start.

Here’s a nice little video where John Simms answers some viewers’ questions:

Addendum: Official BBC Trailer for Season 5

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  1. Twitter hashtag of the day? #deadtennantsketch, started by the inestimable @MrsStephenFry:
    It begins with:

    I wish to complain about this Dr Who which I purchased not 6 hours ago from this very BBC TV centre #deadtennantsketch
    Viewer: This is a dead Tennant! BBC executive: No, he’s not. He’s probably pining for the Time Lords #deadtennantsketch

    And utterly agree with @Beowyn here:

    New Doctor Who episode will be trying to restore the World’s supply of Ham after Timothy Dalton stole all of it #deadtennantsketch

    Beowyn also wishes to complain about Brian Blessed not being chosen as the new Doctor Who. I would have liked him to have a run at it 20 years ago, must say.

  2. I would like to have seen how Rik Mayall would have done as the Doctor – a heretofore comic actor playing straight – much like Jon Pertwee did

  3. Wooo! I just saw p1 of the Xmas special last night. Oh man, I wish I was more patient. What date does the new series + new doctor start again?

  4. British Spring = April, I reckon.

  5. I thought that was MUCH better than part 1 (thank goodness!), and a good, solid ending for Tennant. There was a nice balance between crackiness and tragedy, Wilf was amazing (but then again, I think that him NOT being amazing is impossible), and I really liked the whole thing with the Master (seriously, is Doctor/Master canon now?), and the twist on “he will knock four times”.
    I also liked the final goodbyes to all his companions, although I’m a bit WTF about Mickey/Martha (even though I was glad to see them both).

  6. Yes, definitely better than part one. Started out with some good laughs but I was actually getting a bit bored in the middle there for a while. I liked how the Master stuff resolved, I stopped being irritated by him and was able to enjoy that last scene between him and the Doctor which was nice. The final goodbyes were fun and well done too (though I’ll see Beppie’s WTF and raise her a Huh?).
    I’m a bit nonplussed about the mechanism by which they decided to necessitate redecorating the TARDIS. Let me guess – all that radiation he absorbed perhaps?
    ( I think I need to take my suspension of disbelief out for more regular exercise, it keeps failing me at critical moments and spoiling the whole experience of watching sci-fi.)

  7. The bit where the Doctor is rescued while being strapped to the trolley and is being pushed in a different direction than he wants to go, all the while complaining loudly made me think of disability issues. Only a couple of minutes, in an extreme situation and where his mobility was restored as soon as possible, but he concludes “Worst. Rescue. Ever.”.
    I’m not entirely sure if it sends a positive message, in that having your wishes not respected by the people you’re dependent on is a Bad Thing, or a negative one, as apparently it’s OK to ignore a person’s wishes if you know better.
    It strongly reminded me of the incident where Jetstar took away Kurt Fearnley’s wheelchair and he choose to crawl rather than use a manual one he couldn’t move himself. Maybe, just maybe, it will help people be a more understanding about these kind of things.
    (Sorry if terms aren’t the best here, i’m having trouble expressing it exactly.)

  8. Well, that was a fuckload better than the first part (not that that was hard). I actually liked how the Master stuff played out, and Wilf was great. I was a little sad not to see more of Donna (and really, as much as I liked the ‘best friend’ claim, I was a bit confused that the Doctor’s safety mechanism thingie didn’t cut in a teensy bit earlier, given she was remembering stuff) but it was nice to get to see all of the earlier characters – especially Rose. I thought going back to when she was younger was good move: all pathos, but she got to be her cheery self. It took me a bit to realise it was Mickey with Martha—that kinda did my head in!
    I am really sad to see this Doctor go. The balance of ‘but it’s not fair’ with ‘it’s an honour’ I thought was kinda lovely, and his final line broke my heart a wee bit… and it made ‘Geronimo’ feel a bit… overplayed. I know, I know, that’s probably how I felt about Ten when he first arrived, but mrow. There it is. Also, can we please have more (and more and more) of John Barrowman and the lovely man from Being Human? Actually, *either* of the lovely men from Being Human works for me!! 😉

  9. I slapped my thoughts up in point form on my deewee. I seem to share at least some of a brain with WP.
    – Relief. Part two was nowhere near as bad as part one.
    – Love Wilf. Love. I’m glad he got to be a companion.
    – The chemistry between the Master and the Doctor remains as strong as ever.
    – BDSM slashers’ simultaneous orgasm planetwide almost audible to the naked ear.
    – John Simm’s tearing up was convincing and gorgeous. How could he manage to make me want to cuddle him in the midst of all of that? Props.
    – Sometimes the TARDIS can home in on the Doctor, sometimes not. Has that ever been explained? Did I miss something?
    – I want a Time Lord dressing gown, in luscious red and gold.
    – Mad painted oracle. Nothing fresh to see here.
    – Bloody hell, Rusty, install in Donna a defence mechanism she has no knowledge of or control over, and literally send her unconscious for most of the episode? And you still profess to “love” her? Really? What do you love about her? Her hair, and little else?
    – “The heartbeat of a Time Lord”. Nice line.
    – Good thing Earth’s defences are so poor. Did no Masterclone have control of any Torchwood gear?
    – Wilf with laser guns! Silly and fun. This is what I expect from a Who special.
    – The bit with the back-and-forth between EvilTimeLords, Doctor, and Master felt rather stilted and badly paced. Could have been much tighter and more suspenseful. It felt almost fillerish instead of climactic. All that needed to vanquish the Gallifreyans was that machine burning out? Really?
    – Actually, the whole episode needed about ten minutes cut out. IMO, obv.
    – At least the Master’s turning on Rassilon was explicable, and didn’t come out of nowhere.
    – Misdirect on the “he will knock four times” thing wasn’t quite as unexpected as I think the writers maybe intended it to be.
    – No Tennant scenery-chewing, oh no.
    – Sappy drawn-out fanservicey goodbyes were expected. They eventuated.
    – I will never be sick of Oodsong. More Ood, pls, with stories of their own.
    – More Ood, less Sontaran-tongue.
    – Recapping of series aliens in the bar scene was jolly.
    – Alonso? Allons-y!
    – Marrying-off of folks all a bit of a yawn. At least he didn’t somehow drop in on Bad Wolf Bay.
    – But there was snow. He loves snow.
    – The Lad, when Eleven appeared: “He looks like a kid!”
    – “Geronimo”?
    – Looking forward to seeing the new high-def TARDIS.

  10. Also,
    A snippet of video from the end of Doctor Who Confidential. Tennant says a few emotional words to the crew at wrap, then there’s a montage of bits from his seasons.

  11. I disliked the whole thing, although Simm looked like he was having a good time.
    I got the impression Rusty wanted to burn through as much of the budget as possible so that Moffatt had to go with villains made from pepper pots. WTH was with the Master leaping into the air!!!! like that?
    So, he brought back Donna so she could get into peril and then faint. AWESOME. I’m so glad I looked forward to this.
    I’m going to write Fic.

  12. I’ll add another WTF? over Martha/Mickey. Also grrr at the under-use of Donna. And the complete cop-out of the ‘safety mechanism’.
    My main problem, which I should probably rant about properly somewhere, was the treatment of the Master’s ‘madness’. He’s meant to have lost his mind, but he’s just presented as immoral and power-hungry, which aren’t exactly unusual traits among Time Lords. Unless is just about him supposedly hallucinating the drums?

  13. Was I the only one who noticed the two scenes were very similar to ones from Star Wars – A New Hope?
    But a satisfying ending apart from Donna. I also agree that she was underused. Hopefully she will turn up in the new series sometime with something significantly more to do than faint . The second best companion evah.

  14. Was I the only one who noticed the two scenes were very similar to ones from Star Wars – A New Hope?


  15. Donna. What a waste. (Where’s my Rusty poppet and the pins…)

    ( I think I need to take my suspension of disbelief out for more regular exercise, it keeps failing me at critical moments and spoiling the whole experience of watching sci-fi.)

    The fall. I don’t care what kind of funky alien being you are, you fall at high speed from 10+ stories through a glass window onto a stone floor and you’re RAGU. Unless you’re the silicon life form from the Stones of Blood in which case you’re gravel but really!
    That’s just silly.

  16. Aah, thanks Lauredhel.

  17. Waiting patiently for the Doctor and the Master to get it on.

    Sadly disappointed.

  18. Also … that Adipose at the bar is too young to be drinking, surely?

  19. @Purrdence – That just made my day. Thankyou!
    By the way, can anyone explain the bar scene bit? Is it significant that Jack meets Alonso?

  20. Jack’s been so desperate for the Doctor’s approval, and by nodding at Alonso, Jack knew he got it.
    It really bothers me, actually. *shrug* I think I’ve taken this episode way too seriously.

  21. Anna: Is that what it was about? I just thought it was a “Yay! Jack!”, and a fun re-insert of an old guest character, mooshed together. And an excuse for the Mos Eisley scene.

  22. It’s just such a recurring theme in the Jack-Doctor relationship. Jack looks for approval from the Doctor, the Doctor says shitty things like “You’re wrong, Jack, you shouldn’t exist, and just looking at you makes me ill” (paraphrased)
    I’d have to re-watch the Jack-Doctor interactions (which I’m sure Katie & Emmy will be happy to make sure happens), but I don’t recall there being any obvious “Okay, look, I accept you for who you are” stuff between them (without Jack having to do SOMETHING TO SAVE THE WORLD) other than that nod and note.
    Most of the visits seemed to be about the Doctor saving someone – he saves the kid from the SJA from being hit by a car (and thus saves SJ as well), saves Martha from being shot from behind,. Maybe this was saving Jack from being miserable forever because of the Doctor’s disapproval?
    I don’t know. I liked the scene, but it sat poorly with me afterward.

  23. Maybe this was saving Jack from being miserable forever because of the Doctor’s disapproval?
    Have you seen Torchwood Children of Earth? I think the Doctor’s disapproval is quite low on Jack’s scale for causes of misery. The Doctor’s showing him that his life doesn’t have to end – to put it another way, that he doesn’t have to condemn himself to a living death (kind of a parallel to the more literal deaths of Martha, Mickey, and Luke).
    I will never be sick of Oodsong. More Ood, pls, with stories of their own.
    Yes. I’m hoping that the “something accelerating their species” thing that troubled the Doctor is a foreshadowing of us meeting them again.
    I wish that Donna had had some contribution to make; as it was, I think it was either that Davies wanted her in it, but couldn’t really think of anything; or he wanted to snipe at the fans who thought the Doctor had abandoned her (playing up the risk of death if she remembers too much, and writing in a defence mechanism).
    As for seeing her again… how about in the Sarah Jane Adventures? Donna tracking down Sarah Jane with something she’s come across, because she somehow seems like the “right sort of journalist.”
    Could it be that Martha and Mickey going freelance is foreshadowing for another spin-off?
    I liked John Simm a lot better this time round.

  24. I also liked that all three dissenting Time Lords were Time Ladies.

  25. From troll-wrangling[Moderator note: this commentor
    is morphing their identity here.]
    Since Romana says she’s a Time Lord, can we give the revolting “Time Lady” a decent burial?

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