Otterday! And Open Thread.

otters snuggling, captioned Dis my Otter HalfToday’s otter is from I Can Has Cheezburger.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. It was hot yesterday, so I went to the movies. The entire audience was squicked by this ad for CPR training (TRIGGER WARNING: close-up sex scene), so much so that there was an audible “eugh!” at the end. I have no idea what they were thinking, unless this ad was secretly made by the Never Learn CPR Ever Society.

  2. I am in a world of pain. In the last two weeks I’ve done three bushwalks in the Tasman national park NZ and Mount Arthur (hard), sea kayak-ed, and ridden a horse – make that two horses – Western for the very first time, up on a lofty mountain with the alluvial Motueka plain spread out like toytown a vast distance beneath.
    I am very happy, but my body feels like it’s been through a blender.
    Drove 4 hours with Boychild today to retreive dogs (Back now! Huzzah!! Skritches!!!) and now stuck in a kind of U-shape. Should not be at the keyboard!
    New years res: Yoga classes.

  3. The Amazing Kim: I’ve spun off a new thread for that ad, providing a transcript.

  4. @Helen… Tigtog is very nice, but I’m not so nice – I’m just greenly jealous. Didja didja didja go to the rising of the waters? That mysterious spot where the Riwaka River just somehow rises from the ground? Once I saw scuba divers swimming into it, down, down, and not coming out.

  5. I promised orlando I’d drop this link in this thread – I hope you find the story useful! 🙂

  6. Thanks Chally, that’s brilliant. And thanks to all the lovely Hoydens for a delightful evening on the beach yesterday.
    The charity Special Effect, who develop computer games for disabled people, have just kickstarted a terrific website called Accessible Gamebase. Check it out:

  7. Deborah, I haven’t even heard of the rising of the waters, and we were right next to Riwaka.. Day-yum!
    I have to say, after driving from Christchurch to Motueka and then from Melbourne to the Murray and back, I feel sorry for our poor old worn-down dried-up abused landscape. (NZ equally abused by sheep and cattle, but gets away with it in the visual sense better.)

  8. Diving in the Riwaka Resurgence (sorry about the annoying pop-up ad, but it can be clicked away). And an overhead shot of the pool where the river swells up out of the rock.

  9. Orlando – thanks for that link. I’ll share it around with my classmates – we don’t get to do much accessibility stuff in our course.

  10. I’ve just found out that what I rather suspected were signs that my father had been a bit manic lately were indeed that and more. He finally decided to tell me what’s been going on and ask for help. I need hugs.

  11. An entire doona cover full of hugs for mimbles.

  12. Thanks all. I feel kind of conflicted being so concerned about how it will affect me and my family, but it’s a real concern and I was so looking forward to having an easier year this year having cut back on my commitments. Lot’s of picking up the pieces to be done and trying to help him not end up in a major depression.

  13. First, major hugs for mimbles. Hang in there.
    More frivolously, did anyone see the doco about the Silver Belles last night? Loved those astonishing women. One of them left off being a chorine to contribute to the war effort by becoming a certified welder, so when the chorus lines shut down in later years she moved to Alaska and worked on the pipelines. These were people who had all the prejudices of the world lined up against them, and yet found ways to live lives of such joy and generosity.
    Funny postscript to Chally’s link: I’m torn between putting it on the contextual reading list for my students because it deals with a number of the themes we’ll be tackling in working on a production of Salome, and not wanting any actor I direct to see it because it describes much too nakedly the vulnerabilities involved in being a director.

  14. Hugs for Mimbles

  15. Good news for Mary – she has a brand new baby son to snuggle! Delivered yesterday.

  16. I was just wondering about Mary last night. Great news.

  17. Lovely news.

  18. Oh wonderful! Congrats to Mary and welcome to bub 🙂

  19. Oh, congratulations Mary and family!

  20. Thanks all: it’s lovely for him to be so warmly welcomed. I didn’t realise tigtog had posted here until she pointed me at it.
    Hopefully we can make it to a Sydney Hoyden event sometime not too late in the year!

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