Somebody didn’t do their homework

How exactly does a journalist covering a major entertainment awards ceremony go there without having read the last week’s news on the nominees for the big awards like Best Actor in a TV series?

Hint: it’s a really good idea so that you don’t come off looking like a total jerk. It’s one thing for the average person not to know that the reason one of the nominees is wearing a beanie is to cover their loss of hair from their cancer treatment, but celebrity culture is supposed to be this guy’s professional beat. Perhaps the NYT should employ someone who takes their job a little more seriously.

I hadn’t been going to blog anything about Michael C. Hall’s cancer diagnosis (he is apparently now in remission after treatment), but this is a good opportunity to remind people that those oh-so-witty sitcom-wannabe “jokes” about what people are wearing often come back to bite one in the arse in real life. Perhaps figuring out a kinder way to feel good about oneself might be a good general rule.

Best wishes to everybody out there going through a cancer scare. May the people around you be kinder in spirit and generally more fucking thoughtful than this guy.

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  1. It was a horrible gaffe. That said:
    TheMoment is a style blog, not an entertainment blog.
    The New York Times is having the same financial problems as any other newspaper and doesn’t pay much.
    And it was a realtime Golden Globes tweet, not even a blog entry. Probably the tweeter was at home, isn’t part of the “real” NYTimes staff, doesn’t have a desk in the newsroom, so doesn’t have the opportunity for her/his peers to say, waitaminnit, Hall had cancer, that’s why the hat.
    There are no copyeditors in most newspapers now. To think that tweets would get any prior oversight at all is seriously overestimating the resources of that branch of the media.

    • I do get the various constraints, and certainly don’t expect editorial oversight of tweets.
      I just expect someone who’s reporting a big celeb event under the banner of a broadsheet to do the basic homework on the nominees for the major awards, even if they perhaps aren’t actually at the awards and perhaps aren’t part of the regular newsroom staff. The MSM has a bad habit of dismissing their social media aspects as “just a blog” or “just a tweet” as if they don’t expect their journos to be as rigorous because it’s “just online”. They really need to get out of that bad habit.

  2. I saw the headline that Dexter had a form of cancer a week before that show.
    I don’t remember where, maybe nine msn after I log off Hotmail or even AZ Daily Sun, that hot bed of journalistic controversy.
    If I knew, then there is no excuse for anyone else not to.
    I have to admit I chortle quite often at ‘Go Fug Yourself’….there is no excuse for formal shorts 😉

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