At long last…

… have they not a shred of decency?

The people of Haiti, right now, need food, fresh water, medical supplies with doctors and nurses, and engineers and builders with equipment to demolish unsafe structures and rebuild roads, bridges, hospitals, houses and schools.

But what do some people think, right now, is a more important use of space in a plane going there?

I bet that’s only the tip of the inappropriate iceberg.

Back the fuck off, vultures.

Help Haiti(Relief organisations which have experience and credibility in providing essential disaster recovery assistance are discussed in this previous post.)
NB. The $5 donation via texting in the UN Food Program badge to the right only works in the USA.

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  1. My condolences to Haitians. My apologies for the present and past policies of the U.S. government. And the newest military occupation of Haiti. More later…

  2. PS CFS/ME is the ps disease. (Overtired as I’m in midst of art in countdown to my 7 oth…) Please see for excellent coverage of Haiti. Amy Goodman and her producer (one of) Sharif Abdel Kodouz have been in Haiti since this past weekend.

  3. The good news is that none of these assholes actually have access to the very-limited airplane slots available in Haiti at the moment. Which is just as well, because look at the ad I found in my mailbox:
    Rapid Response Chaplains – – are deploying to Haiti-dont [sic] miss this chance to help change a life!
    [edited so the link isn’t live]

  4. Homeopaths Without Borders is a real organization? I thought (hoped) that was a spoof.

    • I think HWB might be a one man and his dog type of operation, but the website looks like they are serious enough.
      Edit: Of course, if one is OK with charging piles of money for distilled water, what’s to stop you hitting those same people up for “donations”?

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