Otterday! And Open Thread.

damp river otter standing up straightToday’s European otter, snapped in Belgium, comes from mape_s on flickr.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Awwwwwwww… The little hands!!!!

  2. Well I am starting to feel the pinch of being stuck in the house all the time due to weather. Having fibro sucks and I cannot wait for the spring. I have been passing the time by buying spring clothes hoping I suppose in my own weird way to buy a thaw.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..The People of Walmart an Exercise in Shame and Discipline =-.

  3. Apologies if this double posts, I tried to comment from my iPod earlier and it doesn’t seem to have worked.
    I started on anti-depressants this week for the first time in over a decade (after a bad experience with a bad psychiatrist). It’s a little scary, but the funk I’ve been in for a while was enough to prompt me a fair bit. Thankfully this time I have a good GP and (as much as I can tell in one session so far) a pretty good psychologist. The latter does after hours consults and is close to home, which is a plus.
    Also, I realised this week that I’m really lucky in terms of workplace support. Gave my boss a heads up that I’m emotionally wonky at the moment, as well as a few trusted colleagues, and everyone’s been really supportive, down to boss being really good about offering me time out if/when I need it. I know that’s a sadly rare thing in workplaces, so I’m grateful for it, this week.
    Renee, I hope the weather improves for you.

  4. Poor Mr. Tsonga. I’m not a tennis fan, but he was entertaining to watch.

  5. Jennifer, good luck with the meds. I know the avoidance/funk calculus all too well, and it sucks. Sounds like a good team on your side.
    Renee, if I could send you some of our heatwaves I would.
    Now, via Skepchick, enjoy this cheeky gibbon taunting tiger cubs:

  6. Well I am starting to feel the pinch of being stuck in the house all the time due to weather.
    Ugh, I’m feeling the same about this summer. I’m hoping the sea breeze will bring it down enough for me to sit out for a little while this evening. It looks like it’s going to be more reasonable temps for the first few days of the school year next week, so that’s a plus – I pity the poor teachers who have to deal with organising and getting to know a new class when they’re completely ratty from high temperatures or being cooped up in aircon.

  7. Our cat disappeared on Tuesday evening – the last time I saw her was around about 5pm. We were very anxious, and sad, but she crawled back around 6pm on Thursday. I took her to the vet on Friday morning. It looks as though she may have been hit by a car, or maybe kicked. No major fractures, but a slipped disc towards the base of her spine, and a traction injury towards the bottom of her tail. I wonder if someone picked her up by her tail and threw her. Poor little beastie. Out vet put her on a drip (she was dehydrated) and tucked her up with a hot water bottle (shock, the vet thinks), and gave her narcotics and took x-rays. She will be there until Monday; although there is no damage to kidneys and bowels, our vet is still a little worried about her liver.
    I had thought I wasn’t particularly attached to her, but it turns out I was wrong. I’ll be very pleased when she back. She’s a pleasant presence in our home, and we miss her.
    In happier news, we got to eat some tomatoes from my garden. This is a minor miracle; work pressures and then going away and the black dog yipping around (in a very minor way – it tends to be a situational black chihuahua around here) all sapped my motivation a bit, so the garden got very minimal attention. They tasted superb.

    • Deborah, poor kitty! How horrid to think of someone being deliberately cruel – it’s a sad day when you’d rather it was being run over.

  8. Oh no, Deborah, your poor kitty! I’m glad she came home, albeit not in the best of shape. I hope she pulls through and that she’s back with you soon.

  9. Oh your poor cat Deborah. I hope she heals well and is back to her normal self soon!
    I went to the aquarium the other day where they have otters! They were all asleep when we got there, but it reminded me of a photo I took there a long time ago which I thought you might like. 😀

  10. @Jennifer good luck with the meds, I hope that they help.
    @Deborah that’s just terrible. I will never understand how someone can be intentionally cruel to animal.I hope that she is okay; poor kitty.

  11. @Deborah – at least it’s comforting to think your cat knows your home as a place of safety and comfort. I wish you and the kitty all the best.

  12. As someone who’s just come through a pet crisis myself, I wish your kitty a speedy and happy recovery, Deborah.

  13. Went for a walk today, he jumped up and jostled for positon at the front door as normal, pulled at the leash (we have leash laws for part of the AM and PM here), and weed several times.
    The only thing he is not doing, which he usually does, is stand on his hind legs to put his paws on me (bad habit, learned before we got him) and getting up on our bed, which is the highest one (ditto). He has, however, got onto Tas’s bed.
    But both the dogs are quite inactive now as it’s hotter than yesterday.
    Thanks for asking Tigtog!
    I’m NOT looking forward to telling this story to Maddie, the dog professional I got him from…

  14. An update on our cat: she’s back home, with a fetching hot pink bandage around one leg. It’s temporary – the equivalent of a sticking plaster over the place where her drip was, and it will be coming off in twenty minutes or so. She seems to have recovered, ‘though we’ll be keeping her inside for a few days, until we’re sure she’s eating and drinking properly. It was definitely some sort of trauma. But she’s now moving freely, and she seems much happier.
    Helen, I just read about your dog woes over at LP. You must have felt awful! I’m glad the wee fellow is recovering well.

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