Carnival! We’re turning TWENTY-ONE!

The Twenty-First Edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival is fast approaching! There are only four days until the close of submissions, so get your posts in as soon as possible.

This edition will be hosted by Rayedish at The Radical Radish.

Submit your January posts, or those any other Australian or New Zealander feminist, at blogcarnival. Please don’t be shy: submit anything you’ve enjoyed writing or reading – text, anecdote, photo, anything at all. If you can’t access the blogcarnival captcha, you can email submissions this month to rayedish at gmail dot com .


Please spread the word about this carnival (including the links in this post) to your feminist blogging networks.

For more information about the carnival, and about how to volunteer to host a carnival, see the main Down Under Feminists Carnival page.

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