X-ray casts

castooCastoo is a business that offers “tattoos” for plaster casts. You can get dragons, fairies, flames, sharks, old skool tattoos, flowers, or a variety of other designs.

My favourite? Send ’em your X-ray, and you’ll get back a cast decoration that looks like your fracture. (Though all I can do is look at that photo, and think “That cast is waaaay too short for a fracture like that one.”)

What would you put on your cast?

[via Neatorama]

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  1. That is a pretty nasty looking x-ray. But it’s an incredibly cool idea, especially for a kid’s cast.
    If it were my forearm, I’d be tossing up between this and some variation on this. Alas, I think Arnie might win out.

  2. Anyone else getting the same image for both links?

  3. [I’m incompetent. I just edited it].

  4. I’d put my art and url of art webpages, of course.

  5. Thanks Liam. I’d definitely be going the Arnie.

  6. Thanks for that first image Liam, it led me to google the story. I can’t quite believe I’d never heard more about it, and the wiki page on it sums it up quite beautifully including the aftermath in each of the athlete’s lives of a moment of public protest:
    I now feel like plastering that image everywhere…oh plaster…accidental cast-punning

  7. Sorry to continue utterly derailing this thread—FP, my pleasure. I don’t know where you live, but there’s a mural of the photograph in Newtown which used to be visible from the Inner West line train (it’s now covered by a concrete sound barrier). I’d be very surprised if the image weren’t reproduced in lots of other places as public art or graffiti.
    Also the documentary mentioned at the bottom of the wiki article you linked to (Salute) is excellent.

  8. Liam: Nah, this is a thread of fun and chattery – go ahead.

  9. Careful of invitations like that, L, I may.
    Here’s someone’s article on the sad sound-barrier covering. Which reminded me of the tragic loss through overpainting of my other favourite piece of graffiti on that line near Macdonaldtown station—a fairly mediocre aerosol tag which had been left legible but neatly crossed out in beige housepaint by the owner of the house, with the addition in block capitals to the right of the graffitist’s tag ” – has a small penis”.
    After you’d finished your juvenile chuckle you’d think about the social implications: a homeowner having a textual battle with a tagger who’d offended them by defacing their wall, using an assertion about their lack of masculinity. It was like the comments field at YouTube but done expensively.

  10. Wow, I’d be a bit concerned that the tagger might resort to blowing up my letter box or something. After all, they would know where I lived.

  11. Yeah, I wondered about that. Perhaps there was a whole backstory of retaliatory tit-for-tat criminal damage. Or perhaps the tagger genuinely did have a small penis and was fine with it. Or perhaps they thought it was as hilarious as I did; that an act of vandalism made the property-owner go to the trouble of further defacing their own public-facing wall: there’s got to be some sense of achievement in making someone else so furious that they write the words “small penis” on their own house.
    There’s no end to the possibilities once you start thinking about it.

  12. That is pretty cool actually.

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