“Get on that treadmill, laydeez!”

So tonight, Channel Ten News is all about New! Groundbreaking! Research! purporting to show that women actually need “three times more exercise than previously thought(!!1!)” in order to avoid weight gain. No longer twenty minutes per day, we all have to exercise for a full hour each and every day in order to not inflate like the Hindenburg and becoming gross fatty mcfatfats who will drop dead at a sideways look from a well-stuffed couch and a baby-flavoured doughnut.

Things are missing from the news report, however. Things like…oh, I don’t know, the actual study findings. Which, though I can only access the abstract, clearly showed that the inverse dose-response relationship between exercise and weight gain was only evident for women with BMIs under 25.

So I guess all our well-informed friends and family, and our clinicians, who always practice evidence-based medicine, won’t use these particular data to bludgeon fat women, will they?

Ref: Physical Activity and Weight Gain Prevention
I-Min Lee, MBBS, ScD; Luc Djoussé, MD, DSc; Howard D. Sesso, ScD; Lu Wang, MD, PhD; Julie E. Buring, ScD
JAMA. 2010;303(12):1173-1179

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  1. “was only evident for women with BMIs under 25.”
    They’re the only women who exist/matter, right? /snark

  2. I swear, any excuse and people will delight, absolutely DELIGHT in telling women how either fat or lazy they are.

  3. …mmm…baby-flavoured doughnuts…
    I’m so glad everyone will read and evaluate that research properly before talking about how women are lazy slobs!

  4. Lauredhel: If you’d like the entire article, email me off blog. I’ve abused Oxford’s journal access and have it to hand.
    .-= skepticlawyer´s last blog ..Now this is good =-.

  5. I have also been distracted by talk of the baby-flavoured doughnuts. I’m also willing to settle for doughnut-flavoured baby when in a time of need.

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