Let’s Dance

A US lawyer says a lesbian student who sued a Mississippi school over its policy banning same-sex prom dates can bring her girlfriend to a privately sponsored dance.

The dance is not the school prom, that is still cancelled, it is a private function being held in the school prom’s place. The judge who ruled that the school violated the girl’s constitutional rights did not order the school to reinstate the prom. The school board is allowing her to attend the private function with her girlfriend. Probably so they don’t get sued again.

Good to see that someone standing up for themselves and their right to be themselves got a fair hearing and a good result. I just hope that the school got the message that they can’t pull this crap and expect to get away with it. I’m not convinced though.

And SMH – massive fail on the photo caption “…not the most popular girl in school”. So the school cancels the prom because a lesbian student want to attend and somehow the arsehattery of the school is her fault?

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  1. That’s the second time they’ve used that photo with that caption, fail indeed.

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