Endangered Monday: Sable Antelope

An antelope in the wild with two birds on his sides picking at insects in its coat

Sable Antelope (Hippotragus niger) (Endangered) by Arno & Louise on Flickr - shared under a Creative Commons License

Their magnificent horns, reaching 100cm in females and up to 165cm in males, have made them a trophy animal for centuries, thus contributing to their endangerment as a species:

“Clad in their black attire like the chief mourner at a funeral . . . with all the pomposity and self-importance of village billy goats . . . so brilliant an addition to the catalogue of game quadrupeds – so bright a jewel amid the riches of zoology”.
– Sir William Cornwallis Harris, explorer and trophy hunter, who first described the species for Europeans in 1838.

The safari experience in Africa is finally swinging around to photographic expeditions, but there are still hunting sites out there.

Arno and Louise have some more shots of Sable Antelopes in their Flickrstream.

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