Listen up, Labor

Listen closely Labor Party, cos I’m only gonna say this once.

Oh wait, no I’m not! I’m gonna say this OVER AND OVER. And Australians who agree with me, please do so also.

a vote against Abbott is not a vote for censorship.

Don’t you fucking dare put us in the untenable position of having to preference Labor over Liberal to avoid getting the unmitigated evil that is Tony Abbott into power, and then turn around and claim that our reluctant preferences are a mandate in favour of your fucked-up censorship policy.

Don’t you DARE.

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7 replies

  1. Sing it, sister!

  2. Absolutely.

  3. Oh yeah!!
    We need to get some progressive voices in the Senate… Greens and progressive independents for the Senate.

  4. I reckon that if you’re not anti-censorship enough to hold your nose and vote Liberal, you’re not really anti-censorship at all.

  5. Jorge: If you’re not anti-forcedbirther enough to hold your nose and vote Labor, you’re not really anti-forcedbirther at all.
    Wasn’t that an exciting and illuminating conversation? Next!


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