Obligatory Tony Abbott Said What Now? Thread II

Since the previous OTASWN thread came to the end of its commenting period a few months ago, and the Man Who Would Be PM has not ceased and desisted from his asinine utterances habit, here’s a new thread, inspired by Pavlov’s Cat’s dissection of his explanation to schoolkids that global warming couldn’t be any sort of problem because it was hotter back ”at the time of Julius Caesar and Jesus of Nazareth” (actually it wasn’t).

Hint: I don’t think we got nearly enough LOLpol contributions to the last thread.

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  1. Aah… Kay then. I’d like to know where he got his “evidence” from… Perhaps the septic recesses of his homophobic arse?
    Tony Abbott scares the hell out of me, honestly.
    .-= Pharaohkatt´s last blog ..What’s the same about all these covers? =-.

  2. Maybe he means the people were hotter. Perhaps he prefers more rugged, swarthy men.

    I think Tony Abbott is hilarious, personally.

  3. I find him hilarious as Leader of the Opposition. If he were to, flying spaghetti monster forbid, actually win an election I would be finding him hilarious from New Zealand. Or perhaps Turkey even.

  4. Perhaps he imagines it was hotter because in his imagination everyone wore ‘roman’ sandals instead of fluffy slippers?
    Abbott truly is the gift that keeps on giving (as opposition leader that is; otherwise I’ll be joining Mindy in Turkey).

  5. There was a marvellously chilling moment on the ABC News the other night. After the announcer told us about Kevin Rudd’s and Labor’s fall in the polls, a brief shot, no more than two seconds, was inserted of Tony Abbott chuckling, for all the world like a reptilian Doctor Who villain. A little later we had some straight-faced commentary from him, but someone was having fun in the cutting room.
    .-= Jonathan S´s last blog ..Jasper Jones at the Book Group =-.

  6. As I’ve said a few times, I suspect Tony Abbott of being something of a “sleeper”. I have a theory that the Liberals are going to have a sudden “leadership spill” as soon as an election looks pretty much inevitable (I believe there’s one due by the end of this year, so I’d put the spill happening in October/November at the latest). The results of this will be the selection of a “new” (or recycled[1]) Liberal leader who will stand against Kevin Rudd in the hopes of being elected for not being Tony Abbott.
    [1] Malcolm Turnbull has been spotted officially denying he has leadership aspirations.

  7. This seems to be an appropriate thread to put this in. NZ’s Prime Minister has just cracked an appalling “joke” about a particular iwi (tribe) being cannibals, and then followed it up with a non-apology.
    See Idiot/Savant’s post for details: John Key: Dirty racist
    I’ve written a bit about his non-apology (should show up as the latest post).
    .-= Deborah´s last blog ..And ignorant too! =-.

  8. Today Barnaby Joyce compared Tony Abbott’s off-the-cuff remarks to things lovers say in the heat of the moment. Then again, he compared his written-by-someone-else statements (the ones Tony claims are accurate) to what the check-out lady (!) tells you. Make of that what you will.
    Sorry, that probably should have come with a warning. Put me off my lunch.

    • Thanks for posting, Ariane – I’d forgotten to put up anything about the Phoney Tony episode: Labor MPs line up to attack ‘phoney Tony’
      The Opposition Organ is falling all over itself trying to spin it as “at least he’s being honest about being dishonest” but I don’t think people are buying it.
      This buffoon is just so inconsistent – how could anyone have any idea what wild idea he’d go haring off after next if he was PM?

  9. So Mr Abbott has basically said that we shouldn’t listen to anything he says on the radio or television. Fine by me.
    (Incidentally, when he says he shouldn’t be believed, I don’t believe him. No one can go into the liar’s paradox and come out unscathed.)

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