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Reading Twitter during last night’s delivery of the Australian federal budget I couldn’t help but notice how many of us crush on political journalists. For my money you can’t go past the über delicious George Megalogenis but I saw much sighing over Chris Ulhmann this time and there is always plenty of flutterings for Kerry O’Brien and Annabel Crabb. Intelligent and opinionated is always an attractive combination and there is something quite divine about a penetrating discussion (have I gone too far?) on politics and economics, is there not?

So, who is your favourite dish?

George Megalogenis

Chris Ulhmann

Kerry O’Brien

Barrie Cassidy

Peter Van Onselen

Paul Kelly

Dennis Atkins

Jennifer Hewett

Michelle Grattan

Lenore Taylor

Misha Schubert

Annabel Crabb

Fran Kelly

Karen Middleton

Or (good lord) do you harbour a darker fantasy?

Andrew Bolt

Janet Albrechtsen

Someone else entirely? If you’re a reader from somewhere other than Australia and you’re blinking a lot in confusion with all these who-the-hell people you can feel free to throw in your Rachel Maddows and what have you.

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  1. I totally crush on Red Kezza and I know he’s a stats man and not a pundit but I also crush on Antony Green…

  2. Damn, I thought about including Antony Green and looks like I should have.

  3. It’s not an election night without him!

  4. My heart belongs to Rachel Maddow. I almost know more about the US political landscape than I do about the Australian one due to my obsessive mainlining of her shows and blog. I haven’t had a celebrity crush like this since I was about 12!
    I also harbour a platonic adoration of Kerry O’Brien and find Annabel Crabb absolutely smokin’ hot

  5. I second Lissy, gotta have Antony Green.

    I wonder what Possum Commitas looks like?

  6. OK, I totally stuffed up by not including Antony Green.

  7. In all fairness to yourself bluemilk, he is stats and not commentary… and will any body think me weird if I say I love Laurie Oakes’ voice?

  8. lissy – all confessions of that nature are acceptable here, you’re among nerdy friends.

  9. I used to love the way Peter Harvey ended his crosses from Canberra in that really heavy deep voice. Peter Harvey, Canberra.

  10. @blue milk- phew!
    @Mindy- oh yeah Peter Harvey’s voice!

  11. Ho ho ho! What a cute joke you made about Andrew Bolt being a journalist. Seriously, now.
    Kerry O’Brien. Always.
    And ❤ Antony Green ❤

  12. I’ve always thought Peter van Onselen was a bit of a dish. George Megalogenis is nice to look at, too.
    .-= Rachel @ Musings of An Inappropriate Woman´s last blog ..Guest post: "Queer Sex Doesn’t Count" And Nine Other Myths Uncovered – And Debunked – at the Harvard "Rethinking Virginity" Conference =-.

  13. Annabel Crabb ever since the “University of East Bumcrack” line.

  14. I’m surprised not to see Caroline Overington on the list. No, wait. No I’m not, she’s appalling.

  15. I’ve always had a thing about Antony Green. What is it about a man crunching numbers?
    Annabel Crabb is great and funny.

  16. George for sure and also Laura Tingle. I’m not sure about Green. He’s across his numberwang but would he be the type to stand in front of the fridge emitting plaintive distress calls like “where is the cheese?” and “have you seen the salami”?

  17. Misha Schubert and Laura Tingle, absolutely. Also, although in a slightly different line of work, you can’t go past Leigh Sales hosting Lateline.

  18. How, oh how, have you not included the foxiest of all silver foxes, Tony Jones?
    I also heart Red Kerry, though.

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