Friday Hoyden: Annie Lennox

I can’t remember when I wasn’t a fan of Annie Lennox. That glorious voice and the amazing style of her costumes and performances, that sense of gracious absurdity, fierce compassion and joyous gravitas. She has always stood out.

I caught this performance (recorded a year ago) a while back and thought “I must post that for Friday Hoyden” and then it got lost down the back of the to-do drawer until today. Annie is interviewed by Jools Holland before performing a stripped down version of “Here Comes The Rain Again” accompanying herself on the piano (song starts at approx 5:15 if you want to miss the interview).

I’ve also always loved how she queers femininity, contrasting hyper-feminine touches with aggressive looks, illustrated beautifully in the video below of the Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert (she sings Under Pressure with David Bowie) with a fairytale full-length tulle circle skirt subverted by that surrealist band of solid make-up masking her eyes. The song’s not bad either.

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  1. What a queer (?!) coincidence, I am just about to give a 101 gender and theatre lecture in which I put up side-by-side pictures of Annie Lennox and David Bowie to get the students to think about the ways artists can subvert accepted gender signifiers. Might have to show the video, to go with it.

  2. she really is rather marvellous!

  3. OMG yes I loove her.

  4. I think the lecture went well. Hard to tell with a first year lecture (kinda huge), but they had plenty of ideas on how to read the images and what was subversive about them, seemed to get how the gaze is gendered, and laughed when I told them that their choice if they are women participating in the narrative theatre is ingenue/succubus/good wife/virago. Only one lecture on this topic – had to cram a fair bit in.

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