Reminder: Sydney Hoyden and Geek Feminism picnic, Sunday 30th May

Update 30th May: given the recent rain and the forecast, we’re pushing ahead with a wet weather plan. We are meeting at James Squire Brewhouse at 12:30pm for lunch. This regardless of the reasonably good weather this morning. Still James Squire.

Original post:
Time to get a reminder up in case Hoydens neglected to diary-fy this! As per the plan, we’re gathering Hoydens and Geek Feminists in Sydney on Sunday 30th May at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Time for a concrete plan. Looking at the accessibility map and considering train stations as well I think we’d be best off meeting at the Queen Elizabeth Gate (the entrance from the Opera House forecourt) and setting up near the Rockery area just inside that gate.

Date: Sunday 30th May 2010
Time: From 12:15pm
Place: Meet immediately inside the Queen Elizabeth Gate of the Botanic Gardens from 12:15 to 12:30.

After 12:30 we will move inside the park although not far. If there’s a possibility that you’re coming and you won’t be able to find us (there will be a lot of people about), please email me per this page and we’ll set up some contact arrangements.

I’ll put a wet weather plan in comments on the 29th if the weather or forecast doesn’t look suitable. For this reason, it would be good to have RSVPs, because finding something for 5 people is different to finding something for 25!

Family, friends and children welcome. Bring your own picnic supplies, although by the nature of picnics there will probably be excess…

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  1. I plan to be there.

    I might try to get the chance to make some gingerbread to bring with me, too 🙂

    Thanks for organising this, Mary!

  2. I was under a rock when this was first suggested, but I’d rather like to come along (probably with sproglets in tow).
    If it comes to a wet weather option, I’d likely leave the kids at home, so they don’t need to be counted in numerical considerations of alternatives.
    .-= Ariane´s last blog ..Very quick hit =-.

  3. Thanks for putting up the reminder post Mary. I was lazily thinking yesterday that I needed to check whether it was this weekend or the next! Count me+3 in, and definitely planning to pick up a few chocs from the Guylian cafe on the way to the rendezvous.

  4. Ooh, I’ll be there! 😀

  5. Definitely take the opportunity to check out the zine fair at the MCA if you’ve got a chance!
    And of course anyone in Melbourne on Sunday afternoon pop round to Fed Square where there’s another zine fair on – where I’ll be holding a table.
    Plug, plug, plug!

  6. Turns out Tom’s Band Camp finishes at lunch time so I’ll be there watching the end of camp concert. Have fun, take photos!

  7. The BOM’s long range forecast currently only goes through to Friday, but it’s true that if their forecast is fulfilled it will be pretty muddy. Does anyone actually have thoughts on alternatives? Not living near the city any more makes it harder for me (because I won’t be able to go by and eyeball things), but I will try and have something by Wednesday.

  8. Randomly, I’m going to be in town this weekend, so yes, count me in 🙂

  9. Certainly hoping to make it, though it seems like it will be the third trip to Sydney within a busy week, so much will depend upon the Tiny Tyrant’s moods and whims.

  10. Right, so the ‘Queen Elizabeth’ gate at the ‘Royal Botanic Gardens’?
    How terribly socially-inclusive of you all! Perhaps you should arrange to hang a moose head on a tree or something, to lend a certain ambience to the whole affair…

  11. It’s a public park. No-one here named it.
    By your “logic”, and I use the term with sarcastic air-quotes, no-one here in Melbourne, should ever meet at the Prince of Wales hotel, or anywhere on Elizabeth St. or at the Prince Alfred. And if sick, we wouldn’t go to the Royal Women’s hospital, because oh NOES, ROYAL!!! Quick, flee the nasty upper classes.
    Class warfare is so last century.
    And reading classism into chosing to meet at a public park in a central location is so far past ridiculous you can’t even see the line you’ve crossed with binoculars on a clear day with the wind in the right direction.

  12. Names are important and I have compromised that, but in favour of central and (somewhat) accessible, which I stand by. And, frankly, also in favour of a pleasant location. I’m sorry to anyone I’ve made feel unwelcome by that choice, I hope you understand the compromise but obviously you don’t have to.

  13. I agree names are important, but implying the elitism lies with the people using the facility rather than the people who named it is way past illogical.

  14. I agree with Rebekka. I’m sure as heck not going to avoid all Myer group stores just because there is alliance with the Virgin Group of businesses.
    Stop yer trollin’.

  15. Och, should have noted there will likely be two adults and a Tiny Tyrant, if we come.

  16. Argh, looks like I’m going to have to follow through and provide you all with a wet weather plan. :/ Anyone want to buy me a clue on (a) in or near the CBD (b) allows under 18s on premises (c) is not likely to find a group of, gosh, about 10–15 people I think, impossible to do on a Sunday at lunch time and (d) wheelchair accessible?
    Will try and get back to you all in the next couple of hours.

  17. All right! What I am currently thinking is the James Squire Brewhouse on King Street Wharf. It meets a, b, c and d, also (e) vegetarian (and vegan) options, although I wouldn’t call them extensive. Unfortunately what it doesn’t meet is (f) cheap. Lunch mains start at about $18 there and rise rapidly (you could likely order a big side, like wedges, as their own meal for somewhat less). I’m sorry about that: I remember well what it’s like to discover that someone wants to spend 2 or 3 days’ worth of food money on lunch. It’s really hard to do otherwise in the city given the number of people we’re talking about, but perhaps I missed an option.
    From this thread, we seem to have me (+1 adult, +1 baby), Jo Tamar, Ariane (minus sproglets), tigtog (+3), Beppie, WildlyParenthetical, probably Aphie (+1 adult, +1 baby (or child?)). That’s 12-ish, with additional babies. There were a couple of others in the older thread (hellonhairylegs, kayloulee, Zebee, Eddy, Trix), if you’re still coming please let me know. If there’s anyone else, or anyone is dropping out, I’d appreciate knowing also.
    What I’ll do from here: attempt to make a booking tomorrow morning sometime, and confirm arrangements here.

    • I can’t think of anywhere cheaper that meets all those needs – there are a few cheaper places around for working-week lunches, but they’re not all open on the weekends, and they don’t tend to be particularly accessible (which is a point to note for people with disabilities generally – even going out for something as simple as aSunday lunch is more expensive because the cheap places tend to be less accessible).

  18. I’m good for James Squire. Also, in the spirit of socialism and all that, I’m more than happy to contribute $5-10 towards a general kitty for meals for anyone who doesn’t have the money (or plates of wedges and/or other nibbles that everyone can share). I know this isn’t possible for everyone, but I too remember what it was like to have people just assume that I’d have the money available to have lunch out, and more than once I had a generous friend or three contribute so that I didn’t have to miss out — so I’d be happy to pay the favour forward now.

  19. I’m also fine with James Squire, and can also (and will happily) chuck some cash in a kitty or otherwise contribute to the general ability to enjoy the day without too much financial stress 🙂

  20. I may be +1, but will try to confirm shortly. Also, given current poverty, would appreciate kitty with a promise to pay it forward once proper money kicks back in! (And I’m trying to stop feeling ashamed over that one, really!! Casual uni work is unkind, I tell you!)

  21. I am indeed coming sans sproglets. I can also chuck in a few bucks, having been on the receiving end of the kindness (and alcohol) of not-so-much strangers in the past.
    @WP – I shall bring cash for socks as well.

  22. WildlyParenthetical: I too have totally been there with casual unreliable work. We should be able to make a contribution to the kitty. See you and potential +1 on Sunday.

  23. *squeezes the lovely Hoydenizens* It looks like I’m sans +1 this time around, my friends, so I’ll see you all there!

  24. Delurking to say I’m planning on coming along (without my +1, who is currently overseas).
    *waves at Mary*

  25. I’ve made a reservation for 14 people, which I think covers us with perhaps a spare seat, at the James Squire Brewhouse, King Street Wharf, 12:30pm, Sunday. It’s in my name, so just ask for Mary.
    I’ve asked for inside well out of the rain, as they said that while the outside is under cover they can’t keep it dry on really wet days.

  26. Argh! +1 got wiggly, and has now decided to come. Tis locked in this time, though! Sorry about the back and forth.

  27. WP: I think that makes 14 of us!

  28. Okay, Feasibility Check in light of the storm warnings for Fucking Big Storm in Sydney tomorrow:
    How comfortable really is everybody making the trek away from their possibly at-risk-of-leaking-non-trivially home during a storm and into the city? Does everybody feel confident that they have sufficiently storm-proof clothing?
    My kids are pretty grown up. We all have storm-proof shell-wear and good boots. I’m aware that not everybody is in the same situation.
    Is this something we should just decide, in the light of such adverse weather, has to happen another time?

    • I should clarify: I personally am willing to don gumboots and goretex and wade on in. My kids and spouse are looking considerably less keen.
      I can imagine that anticipating babywrangling through a big storm looks rather less than an utterly delightful experience.
      Where are other people’s keenness levels sitting at?

  29. Where is the storm warning? The SMH says that tomorrow will be rainy, but says nothing about storms.
    Anyhow, at this point, I’m willing to rug up make the trek in (since I have a house that is not in danger of flooding or leaking and a partner who will be at home anyway). I wonder if James Squire does hot whiskey?

    • Taking a closer look at the BOM severe storm warning, I may have over-reacted – it’s not meant to hit Sydney until evening, and that’s if it doesn’t do the common thing of veering out to sea after it’s pounded the South Coast and Illawarra regions.
      As you were.

  30. I’m leaving my other half at home to batten down the hatches on our leaky old house, and I’m prepared to find some appropriate outer wear to get in there.
    I think the Darling Harbour jetty is still up near the James Squire end, which might provide a closer drop-off (via Circular Quay) for brave baby wranglers.
    If the weather’s that bad, we probably also don’t have to feel bad if we have over booked.

  31. It looks like I’ll be trekking up from the pounded Illawarra, sans Fairy and Tyrant anyway. I’m at the point where I’ll brave severe weather warnings for a meal away from toddler-wrangling, after this week.

    • OK then, gumboots and goretex it is!
      Aphie, sorry to hear you’ve had a tough week. It just happens sometimes, with toddlers, doesn’t it? I’m a bit relieved that my two are well out of that intense supervision stage, although it’s a stage that has its delights in the good weeks, and I sometimes get nostalgic for those.

  32. Given that the storm isn’t expected until so late, I’m comfortable baby-wrangling tomorrow. He had a good placid day out today though, so it’s possible he owes us a grizzle-fest…

  33. On a lighter note, the results of the Eurovision Song Contest will probably be prominently spoiled on, eg, SMH’s front page, probably on Twitter, etc. No spoilers over lunch please 🙂

  34. Hope you all have a lovely lunch.

    What I want to know is: Is two hours of sunlight and a stiff breeze to get the washing dry too much to ask? I mean really, Flying Spaghetti Monster, this wet weather is getting out of hand.

    • The weather is currently looking quite friendly. I might forego the gumboots for something just a leetle more stylish. I’m still bringing the goretex just in case!

  35. Just to be clear: regardless of the good weather so far this morning we are still going to James Squire. (I think this is fairly clear, but just in case!)
    It seems at the moment rain is not expected until evening, but we will see 😉 Could be a nice day for a stroll on the wharf.

  36. Regarding washing, it seems that’s the Otterday theme this week!

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